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Updated on August 7, 2012

Is it the Senator's or that of the presumptive candidate?

Now, it is Senator Harry Reid, who has uncovered a story in the interest of the nation, of Mitt Romney not paying his taxes for a whole decade, the one finding himself at the end of the Republican political whip.

He is getting the flak from Republican leaders, with the chairman of the party's National Committee calling him "a dirty liar", and conservative TV pundits trying to discredit him with their lopsided comments, and calling on him to release his own tax returns.

A simple statement on page says it all, that, "Conservatives are accusing Reid of hypocrisy for his attacks on Romney"; but a Reid spokesperson has written to the conservative news outlet to say that the Senate majority leader will not release his tax returns, because "He's not running for president..."

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has even "resurrected" a 1974 statement in which Reid had said: “Any man or woman who will not be completely candid about his or her finances does not deserve to be in public office.” (, 8/07/12).

He maintains that he files his taxes each and every year, and that is public information, of which Romney cannot compare.

All Romney (and not even his campaign, but he himself) is personally asking the Senator to do is to "put up or shut up"; meaning that he must disclose his source of him (Romney) "not paying his taxes for a decade."

However, the simple question is, why is the general public supposed to go through a third person to get to the bottom of the accusation or before the truth comes out? Or, will it not be fair for Romney to directly produce his tax returns of the last ten years to bring the matter to a close?

People running for political office of any kind are doing exactly that; and it is not even necessary for anyone to force Romney to do the same.

His conservatives friends are playing the matter down and making it look unimportant; but the public is saying "NO; let Romney respond to the charge the easy way," by releasing his tax returns.

To many, the pressure on Sen. Reid to snitch on the person, who supplied him the original information is irresponsible on the part of the Republican Party leaders.

What they have to do is to advice their presumptive candidate, who is challenging President Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election, to be open and to come out with the records of his previous taxes to win public confidence.

Also, if he, Romney, thinks that the American mainstream media will allow the issue to go away in a pivotal election year such as this, he has another thing coming. They are going to pursue it until they see some tangible results.

Yet, at the moment, he must realize that it is his honesty that is in doubt, and not that of the Senator, because he (Romney) is the one running for president of the United States.


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    • profile image

      owurakwasip 5 years ago

      Mike Dempsey & American View,

      You Republicans don't listen well.

      Right from the very start, President Barack Obama has said that he was going to "change the system".

      Now, the question is,what system? ....and the answer is, the old system that has made the so called "free market" into such a filthy place for broker thieves and investment rogues to function within their own self imposed rules.

      They are not going to rob the American people, in both the "local" and world financial markets, any longer.

      There will be laws and regulations set up to control the whole financial world markets, of which the United States is only a fraction. (However, how the U.S. goes, so will the rest of the world).

      No more hiding of revenues in off-shore banks and in numerous vaults around the globe; and every dollar will be taxed accordingly.

      This plan has set a firestorm on WS, particularly, and in other such places; and the executives of big corporations and financial houses, who know that their position in the financial quagmire is shaky, due to the impact of the Obama plan, don't want that to happen.

      They have been creative in all kinds of ways to stop him.

      The economy having a hard time in getting traction is not only due to the European crisis and the Japan nuclear meltdown. They are part of it; but the main reason is capital investors holding off their investments.

      The banks will not lend money for businesses to expand and grow; in other words, someone or entity is blocking the "juice" from flowing into the service and manufacturing industries; hence, the high unemployment rate and the sluggish economic recovery.

      The "old system" will completely be overturned through the trade and banking regulations set up by the government, for the nonsense being perpetrated by "the powers that be" to stop.

      The "free market" will then be really free from all the chicanery that is presently going on.

      Obama has the new plan; Romney wants to remain in or stay with the old system.

      I, personally, am a conservative; but not a Republican.

    • American View profile image

      American View 5 years ago from Plano, Texas

      It is truly a shame you do not know who has not told the truth here.

    • profile image

      Mike Dempsey 5 years ago

      WHOSE... Lord. Now I can't even read the rest of it.