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Updated on August 31, 2009

philippine's unstability


JESUS was asked by the disciples as to who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven and answered by singling out the virtue of humility as the first important consideration in the qualities of greatness. He called a child and said, "unless you change and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven . . . the greatest in the kingdom of heaven is the one who humbles himself and become like this child."

Today, greatness in our society is measured by the influence of any sector over the lives of the populace and the number one factor is economics that is down graded by poverty among the masses. We are at the mercy of the greats and super-greats who have profited themselves at the expense of the little nobodies in the country. There is for example, the Cartel on Oil Products that is given the monopoly of importing and selling these basic items in the cities down to the sitios - at enormous profits. The government can immediately exercise the sovereign powers under the Constitution instead of wasting time in experimenting on alternate sources like bio-fuel and tuba-tuba trees, etc. The profits of the Cartel [unknown until now] is a great source of revenue instead of suspending the E-Vat, or imposing additional taxes on TEXT MESSAGING and SIN TAXES. There is also an uphill battle against alien pharmaceutical control of medicine and drugs in the country that is slowed down in Congress by lobby groups. Since the beginning, legislative processes have been influenced by lobby groups who have lobby funds and lobbying is officially recognized here and in US. [In fact, the government has "hired" a lobby group in US that is presently under Senate inquiry]

We are encouraged by the reported emergence of new outlooks of our senators and congressmen in the face of the present crisis but our doubts in their adherence to the Number's Game called "roll call" still persists.

Another threat to our economy is the weakening of the dollar which is earned by millions of OCWs abroad and remitted to us where our PESO is very strong here. The intricacy is very complicated but the result is that, the dollar that is converted into peso "buys less now". And our exporters are closing shop because their capital in pesos here is far above the profit they get abroad. Another exercise of greatness is by the US Federal Aviation Office and the American Embassy "travel advisory" - down grading our airports and the Philippine Airlines.

Greatness in the gospel is not the greatness practiced by nations and leaders of today. Lobbyists, foreign and local, are the "greatest".


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