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Updated on July 6, 2011

Why do rapists do what they do?

Ever wonder why do rapist go around stealing sex? What makes them do what they do especially when sex isn't really that difficult to get anymore? Me, being an author of 5 all true life books about the struggles, obstacles and challenges of being reared in the drug plagued, violent streets of Baltimore city, I must admit the question crossed my mind. In my latest book "Until I Get Caught - The True Story Of A Serial Rapist In Baltimore"I delved into the mind and world of Baltimore serial rapist Reginald Williams. After interviewing Reginald, I was surprised to learn that rape is not at all about the sex or lack of. In fact, studies show that 34% of all sexual offenders have some form of impotence or sexual dysfunction meaning that most of the time the actual sex isn't even what's arousing or exciting to the rapist. I learned that like domestic violence, rape is a crime of power, a crime of humiliation in the worse way, a crime of 100% complete control over the victim, whether male or female. Sex is just the weapon that is used.

Research shows that most rapists or sex offenders as they are sometimes called are usually regular men but who are emotionally unstable although they can deal with life like a normal person on a day to day basis. On the outside he looks normal, seems normal but inside he's seething, pissed off at the world, just boiling with anger. He has trouble maintaining relationships, relating to or understanding other people, period. Some are so pissed off not only at themselves and the world but women in general. Unable to contain their stifled and bottled up emotions of hate, they look to vent all their pain, hostility, anger, frustrations and insecurities on their victims. They actually get off on humiliating and degrading you while gaining power and control over you. And yes, you can still be raped whether or not sexual intercourse actually takes place.

A one time rapist is devastating enough but a serial rapist like Reginald is an offender who rapes a slew of women over a period of time. Similar to a serial killer, a serial rapist sometimes has a "cooling off" period in between his rapes or victims. Not all rapists are alike. There's usually some differences in their motives, techniques and characteristics. For Reginald his climax was when he was pursuing the woman, the chase of it all and the humiliation of the female. An added twist to his sick pleasure - he got off on the brutal pain of degrading and sodomizing his victims.

Rapists have no emotion when it comes to their victims. They see them as trash, below themselves, not human really. They don't care or understand what they are doing to their victims because at that point it's all about them and their need for control and power. Most rapists have been abused, raped themselves, victimized, neglected, traumatized or even tortured themselves at some time in their lives especially during childhood or puberty. As a result of being abused and terrified as a child, they subconsciously learned and accepted that it's better to be the one in control and with all the power instead of being the little, helpless victim on the receiving end. Since they already know what it's like to be abused, scared and a victim of rape themselves, when they rape, they get a "high" or a "rush" out of being the one on the other side - the one in control. It's a sick, sadistic, self gratifying way of "getting back" at the pain that's eating away at his soul.

Men who were sexually abused as children are twice as likely to become substance abusers, alcoholics, attempt suicide, be anti - social or overly aggressive and be verbally or physically abusive to their mates. To a pedophile or a rapist, that's orgasmic to them, having all that power and control over another vulnerable person - a complete innocent, defenseless woman. Unable to channel their anger in a positive or fulfilling manner, they see rape, violence, humiliation and the degrading of an innocent, helpless victim as a way to cope that eventually becomes a way of life for them.


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