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WHY DONALD TRUMP'S NAKED STATUE is a Misfire, a Backfire and can Boomerang

Updated on August 22, 2016

Whoever came up with the ”Brilliant” idea of putting up Nude statues of Donald Trump has just struck a Self Goal! Not just on Himself but on all the Democratic supporters he thinks he represents.

No Seriously! What was this guy thinking?? Or was he thinking at all !

Apart from the obvious reasons of Body Shaming of any individual being in Bad taste, it is a clean and neat self-goal in whatever the guy thought he would achieve.

Lets see why?

OK so Donald Trump is a BULLY! Well now so are you!

IF Trump has taken American political discourse to a new low, Well then guess what, you have just Hit Rock Bottom

Donald Trump is boisterous, unabashed, reckless and Outspoken to a fault, someone who probably never gives a second thought before he spews so much filth that America now has more manure than ever!

Well guess what! Ditto! You have just ‘wrestled the Pig’ The statues are living proof of all of the above. Its has 'fithified' the American way of expressing disgust!

Oh Come on! Is this US Presidential election to be fought on the size of a male’s member or the presence or absence of it therewith? is it not a mockery of the transgenders in a way?

Let's say, its clear, you vehemently hate Donald Trump and can’t bear the site of him or have severe soulful allergic reactions to his notions and beliefs and what he stands for. LET THE VOTE DECIDE!!! Trust the people of America!

This is exactly the kind of thing people with democratic values have been fighting against - the act of Embarrassing people by Color shaming, Body shaming, Intimidation. I don’t see how a few democrats can even relate to this act or worse find it even remotely funny.

All I can say to those people is that there is a DONALD TRUMP HIDDEN IN YOU, get him out before you point fingers poking fun at someone, lets be ‘democratically’ fair here, who has earned his way up to contest the elections!

The very fact that we are observing such dramatic hate filled, reckless reactions and expressions is a testimony to an already subconsciously ‘Trumpified’ America!

What Do you Think

Do you Think Donald Trump's Statue is in-keeping with Democratic Values

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      Awesome take 

      2 years ago

      Awesome take


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