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Updated on March 22, 2013


I know few things are truly if ever perfect in this world. So lets get one thing straight from the start, I dont expect any U.S President to be right all the time every time. That's just expecting a bit too much I'm afraid. That said, the United States likes to set a very high bar on national and world morality. As a proud American I think that is a good thing generally speaking. I do believe it's important to stand up for human rights so profoundly protected in our own bill of rights. After all where would our nation be without the protection of our rights as citizens and human beings. I love the idea that ALL PEOPLE ARE CREATED EQUAL under our laws. Sadly for a good part of our storied history those famous words to live and die by were NOT taken all too seriously.

Now I read that a terminally ill U.S. Iraqi war vet has sent a last letter to former President Bush Jr. and Dick Cheney calling for them to be men and stand before the U.S. people and the world for their transgressions in starting and conducting the Iraq Invasion and occupation. I do believe the soldier Tomas Young has hit upon a much needed nail in U.S. affairs before he takes his last breath on this earth and I applaud him for it. Now Dick Cheney is waltzing around pretending he is cleaner then clean. The U.S. government likes to parade around the globe taking lesser less noble nations to task for their treatment of people on their soils. Unlike other nations our nation was indeed founded on the principles of unalienable rights as Americans and this fact in itself makes each American richer then many citizens around the world. The Chinese may now start thinking themselves rich in money but they are still poor when it comes to human rights lets not forget that. But we as a moral world leader are losing our moral integrity and high ground worldwide and at home because our justice system, so keen to protect the innocent from injustice in our own land and overseas has long chosen to remain blind to our own worst transgressions. No one in our nation should remain outside and above the law, not even our presidents and those serving in their administrations.

One of American cornerstones of government is the idea of checks and balances. This idea helps keep corruption at bay in a world where power corrupts and ultimate power has the power to corrupt and spoil everything. In effect it can and will deny us our very freedom if we do not safe guard this concept. The idea of built in checks, the ability to demand oversight and then act accordingly in a responsible way to seek true justice surely helps preserve our freedoms and our great nation. This ideal has been our wildcard throughout our history. The very idea of having our human rights denied us run counter to our very souls. After 9/11 Tomas Young bravely enlisted in our armed forces to repel and defeat the enemies that had attacked us as many brave Americans did. He trusted the Bush administration enough to risk his life in defense of our nation. Question is, should anybody have trusted President Bush Jr. as our commander and chief. As it turned out probably not. I think it is time to find out through our justice system just what really happened concerning the Bush & Cheney administration and the true motives of the Iraq war and occupation. I say this because of two facts that put into question the sanity, motives and judgement of the Bush administration. Fact #1 is that a weapons inspector who had worked in Iraq looking for weapons went on national TV more then once before the war and declared he was 100% sure that our forces would find no weapons of mass destruction. For some reason the Bush administration chose to ignore him and other weapon inspectors saying similiar things. Fact#2 Instead the Bush administration chose for some strange reason to listen to and take advice from very biased Iraqi sources instead, rich and powerful displaced Iraqi's who had much to gain from a U.S. invasion and overthrow of Saddam Hussein. These two facts alone require serious explaination. But this two curious facts are really just the tip of a very strange iceberg submerged under the murky waters of obfuscation. So far the Bush administration has been allowed to waltz away from this hyped up fiasco that cost so many lives. There are many serious questions that need to be answered once and for all. Seen from the outside the Iraq war now seems to be the biggest defense department hoax since the Vietnam war. Recent statments appearing in Donald Rumsfeld's book seem to indicate the iceberg was not only of strange shape but also far from being pure white. If we are going to maintain our moral highground globally we need to start taking former administrations to task for their outragous failures and the lies that went into making these failures. The U.S. needs to once again start judging our own failures rather then looking for other nations to take the blame. Remember our strength as a nation stands or falls on the back of our justice system and it requires the truth be told not swept under the rug of political expediency. It is time to extract the truth from the Bush administration and pull some rotten teeth if need be because as any good dentist will tell you, an abscessed stinking tooth left alone can work its poison through the bloodstream and end up killing you. In this case the truth will set us free to set again a new high standard for our future policies in matters of our national defense. President Bush, Vice President Cheney, it's time you spoke the truth , the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God. WITH VERY SPECIAL HEARTFELT THANKS TO TOMAS YOUNG AND ALL OUR BRAVE VETERANS WHO ENLISTED, SERVED AND SACRIFICED SO MUCH TO DEFEND US FROM OUR ENEMIES AT HOME AND ABROAD.


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