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Why Is My Life so Messed Up!!

Updated on January 23, 2015

Change Is Inevitable


How Do We Change?

Change is inevitable in one's life, however deliberate change is difficult. What should you change and how does one change his/her circumstances? The people around you believe you to be as you have always been. If you have been addicted to drugs and you become clean and sober; the people around you will continue to see you as a drug addict. If you were a prostitute people will continue to see you as you was, refusing to accept the new you.

Some believe in order to change you must change your environment. This is a good idea if you have the means to change your environment. Suppose you can't change your environment: Are you then destined to be as others view you? Absolutely not, you can change your environment without moving to another location. Ask yourself, "what is it that you really and truly want for your life?"

That is only the beginning, change can only occur with admitting that there is something wrong in your life. Anger, self-pity or blaming others will not change you or your circumstances. Change is hard work, getting out of your comfort zone. A comfort zone is when you do the same thing every day, basically you are predictable. This means you get up ever day go to the bathroom, turn on the television, look around and sit down, then maybe you turn on the television and sit back down, "What are you doing?" The answer is nothing, you are existing and secretly wanting something, anything that will change in your life.

Regrettably, no one will come knocking on your door with the key to change your life. You are comfortable and unhappy. The thought of pursuing your dream is terrifying. The thought that is going through your mind is such things as: fear of the unknown, suppose I fail, terror that someone will see through your ruse and scream poser.....poser! This means you are outside of your comfort zone. You are a poser and trying to pretend to become something you are not going to accomplish.

You want the door to open; well you will have to open it for yourself. It doesn't matter how many no's you may encounter. this simply means you must learn the reason for the nl. There is no such thing as failure; failure is giving up on yourself and your dream. Your dreams are your motivation to JUMP out of the bed and prepare yourself for today's challenges. You weren't born to live a mundane, unfulfilled life, no matter what circumstances you might find yourself in, you still have control over you.

Believe, when I say we all go through doubt, fear and real terror about making changes in your life; however what are your alternatives? I get scared but I still go after what I want, I don't put limits on myself. There is no such thing as failure; failures are your life experiences where you leave the situation knowing more than you initially knew. Take that information and use it, incorporate it into your dream.

The reason our lives get so messed up is because of one person and you can see that person by looking in the mirror and believe me you will see who who has messed up your life! When my life was messed up I had no-one to blame but me! That was a hard pill to swallow since I already had a list of people and reasons why I was stuck. I learned that I had to be more invested in my dream than anyone else; I also learned I had to change the people around me that were reinforcing my negative thoughts.

I started making friends with people who believed with entire mind that his or her dream is attainable. I am no longer predictable; being predictable leaves no room for growth, spontaneity or being determined.

I have just finished my book called, "Life Line," when it was completed I felt so overwhelmed, grateful and immensely happy! I started calling agents, publishing companies so excited because I know my book is a BEST SELLER! Then guess what, I became scared and came up with all these excuses as to why my book wouldn't sell. I told myself you had to be an established author or a celebrity to get your book published. So I just sat there and let my book sit in my computer and did nothing! I had to decide how badly I wanted my book published!

I decided my book is a top seller and I will not stop until it is on every shelf in America! President Barack Obama said it best in his book, "The Audacity of Hope!" Hope, belief, learning propelled him to the highest office in America; surely I can get "Life Line," published.

Circumstances do happen in our life, but they do not have control over your dreams. It is up to you and me to change our circumstances. That is Why Our Life is so Messed Up!


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      Karen Feliciano 3 years ago from Hammond, Indiana

      You want help with your life then post your questions to Dr. Imhotep. I am here to inspire, motivate and help you reach your dreams!