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What Ever Happened To England's Rose?

Updated on May 24, 2015

England's Rose

She "should be" the mother of the next King of England!
She "should be" the mother of the next King of England!

Goodbye, England's Rose...

What happened to "England's Rose", the lady whose death in a tunnel at the hands of papparazzi stalled the world for a week, and enthralled more people in front of their television sets than any other event in human history? 'Twas a banner week for Kleenex!

Dianna, Princess of Wales, seems to have had her bright, shining light dwindled out, like the candle she is reflected to have been. We don't hear about her anymore, the light having been transferred to Katherine, she of the radiant smile, long hair and desirable body! Oh, and a couple of cute kids, who've put the real faces of Britain's legacy down a few rungs on the heirarchy for becoming the next HRH. But, let's face it - Kate's husband is almost attractive, especially when compared to Dianna's husband. Dianna must have had stars in her eyes, until well after the marriage was official.

How weird is it that Prince Charles's current wife, Lady Bowles (sounds like a toilet company!) is the lady who introduced Dianna to her soon to be royal husband, because Lady Bowles had actually had sex before, and Dianna hadn't (yeah - in what fairy tale?)

Is it any wonder that this woman, a Princess and probable future Queen of England and all of Her Realms, fell into the arms of an extremely wealthy bachelor, who showed her that she was beautiful, sexy and desirable, after sharing her bed with one of the most ugly men to crawl along on this little blue planet?

Seriosly - take a good look at Prince Charles... Would you? Could you? I mean without gagging, and with no money coming your way?

Sir Elton - Her Best Friend pays tribute

The Original Funeral Song, "England's Rose" or "Candle in The Wind"

An Upgrade?

The new Mrs. Prince Charles... I'm guessing he had little choice?
The new Mrs. Prince Charles... I'm guessing he had little choice?

Now, although Dianna has been dead since 1997 (really seems like it's been a lot longer than that, no?), Prince Charles has moved on, and has been married to this, er, woman, the "Duchess of Wales", Camilla (she does look rather like an evil witch, no?). But, really, who cares about this dingbat? It's His sons who matter, who mattered to DIanna more than anything else, and who are growing up into what, really, a King should embody.

Now - let's get this right here - he actually CHEATED on Lady Dianna with Camilla Bowles! That's like trading in your tenderloin for some raw rat meat!

So, I put it to the British Monarchy to rid Prince Charles of his "next in line" tag and hand that off to either Prince Harry or Prince William (King Wiiilie has a somewhat familiar ring to it, no?).

So, why'd I write this?

So, the question was, "What happened to England's Rose?"

She's in the hearts and minds of the disabled and the homeless who she supported endlessly, and she's in the hearts and minds of those that were lucky enough to have been touched by her presence. As my brother was, when he was going through that damned, dreaded disease, ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease, and he shook her hand, or rather she shook his, looking into his eyes and smiling such a spirited, knowing and fully loving smile. I'd never seen my brother smile so brightly as in the image taken during that meeting. We grew up in the military, our father a C-130 Hercules pilot in the RCAF - the "Royal Canadian Air Force", and like it or not, we salute and hold our hearts to the Royal Family.

Now, that's mostly why I feel something deep for Lady Dianna and her memories - shall they never flicker out like a candle in the wind...


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