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Updated on September 23, 2011

It should be Romney.

The report by the mainstream media that there was "No Clear Winner" in last night's Republican Fox News-Google debate was false.

However, it would not be false to say that the main frontrunner of the Republican Party, Perry, failed to make a good impression, as expected. He was nervous and jittery at times. His words were not coming out as clearly as they should.

In one instance, he reminded people of a bear in a cage, as he perspired heavily; and for a person, who wants to be the president of the United States and the leader of the Western World, he was very unattractive.

Romney, on the other hand, represented himself pretty well, with his answers and responses. They were filled with facts, to demonstrate that he knew what he was talking about.

For example, in his exchange with Perry on Social Security, he showed that the program was not the responsibility of the fifty states, and if so, it would be in more disarray than how it was now. It should be the Federal Government that was always in charge of it, and be able to reform it for future generations. Perry was still of the opinion that it must be left to the individual states.

Romney spoke fluently for viewers to see and hear him, and to understand that he has more experience in business management than any of his counterparts.

Of course, there was a winner; but the media somehow got people to believe that there was not a clear one. To many, it was Romney; and that would spell a great deal of doom for his party, if he was not nominated.

"This was not a good debate for Rick Perry. But, it also wasn’t a slam-dunk win for Mitt Romney either.", was a shrewed statement in one of the media reports, to put people off or into thinking that everything was alright for Perry; but they (people) saw the truth that he (Perry) might be just a paper tiger.

He has the image to be a governor, but hardly one that would qualify him to be president.

When the truth did not come from the media, it was so heartbreaking for those of us, who wanted them to be neutral and as objective as they should be. Otherwise the profession that they stood for, journalism, would be like any commodity, which could be bought and sold.

The other candidates at the debate repeated several of how they would handle the issues, the same way as they did in a previous debate; such as the repeal of the Affordable Medical Act that was signed by President Barack Obama a year or so ago.

They were all fashionably dressed up; but that was not what people wanted to see. They had come to be judged by the American public and to find out if they could be true national leaders.

Unfortunately for them, to most of the people there at the auditorium, and those watching and listening on television and other electronic devices, only Romney made the cut. He looked and acted presidential. None of the others did.


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