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Updated on June 19, 2012

...and how easy she has made it.

Many people have never admired Donna Brazile, as much as they should until now, with the writer being the first to admit his ignorance of that lady's prowess and power in American politics.

Her article on President Barack Obama and former Gov. Mitt Romney simplified the differences between the two men and their distinctive, but separate outlooks on American life.

She showcased both of them in such fashion, depicting Obama as one sparing no effort to rebuild the middle class sector of society, while his opponent and challenger, Mitt Romney, would always seize the opportunity to exploit the working men and women, who formidably formed that sector.

Given the same situation, as the motor industry for example, Brazile used the trending economy as a tool to break down the barrier between the two individuals and the public, and at the same time bring down the divide that separated the two men to see themselves, face to face.

That the industry being a typical American innovation must survive, and that was Obama's stance on the issue; while she wrapped around the neck of the former governor, using Romney's own words, "let Detroit go bankrupt," to denote their differences.

That one has a vision that was simple and straight forward, and the other a distorted view that still lived in the past, and no one would ever want to visit again; and how she handled that was unbelievable.

"Obama's plan is to grow the economy from the middle out, using common-sense measures that help small businesses, invest in clean-energy technology and train a new generation of skilled workers. Romney's plan is to return to the same failed, trickle-down policies -- but made worse by the tea party politics of slash-and-burn against government -- that threaten hardworking middle-class families." (CNN, 6/19/12).

The brilliance in such thinking was usually found in men, like Albert Einstein or Truman Capote, but not in a woman. Yet Brazile was, and still is, an astute political professional; and she could be compared with any genius and she would come out with flying colors any time just as well.

She had managed the Democratic Party campaign for Gore/Lieberman presidential bid in 2000; an author in her own right, a syndicated columnist and an adjunct college professor at Georgetown University. Her credentials matched those of any other person, WOMAN or man.

She was currently involved in the Obama campaign to shape the opinion of her fellow Americans to do the right thing, when it came to choosing a president. She would always adopt the one, who would safeguard the interest of the middle class, than the one, who would open the floodgates for the elite on Wall Street to foolishly determine the kind of economy the country should have, and not just that, but favoring the wealthy few over the poor masses.

Brazile has drawn a picture so distinctly, it would only take a blind person to get lost in his or her own room, because by practice, he or she knew where everything was and would not run into them by accident.

Obama or Romney was Brazile's topic, and it would be hard pressed for anyone to fail in determining the one suitable for the aspirations of the middle class, which had built a strong economy from the ground up after WW2, and has made America the envy of the world. That great effort could be repeated under one of the two.

If one would take the chance to read Brazile's article, one would clearly see the combined political and economic structure that America should have for the future; and one would be ignited from head to toe. One should go read it for oneself.


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