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WW3 Russia COD airport similarity

Updated on March 3, 2014
COD4:MWF2 video game scene "No Russian"
COD4:MWF2 video game scene "No Russian"
Ukraine airport
Ukraine airport

No Russian

I've notice similarities between Russia taking over a Crimea, Ukraine airport and the video game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2 scene "No Russian." The scene No Russian 4 armed men enter a Russian speaking airport and let all hell break loose. They fight civilians and tactical police forces during the event. After this scenario it cause the U.S. and Russia to declare war on each other, Russia sending a nuke and invading D.C. and Alaska.

If I was to transition the game over to current events in Ukraine, that Russian speaking airport would be Crimea since it is mostly Russians who live there and Ukraine language is similar. Russia has its military on the move towards the western border. I believe there will be little resistance in the eastern split of Ukraine on the Dnieper river for the fact it is heavily ethnic Russian. The real fight would be across that river on the western portion since it is being funding by NATO. Ukraine's natural gas pipeline runs throughout the country and before the "overthrow" agreed to supply Russia. I doubt Putin would just take the east portion of Ukraine he would have to take all of it, thus meaning conflict. I think it will be one of the starting points of WW3 before it escalates to the extreme. Add N. Korea, China and Iran (see video game Battlefield 3) being on their side would light the flames in this conflict.

The crazy thing is that there is a claim some with proof that Russian troops (including few Chinese & others) are in the USA right now in case of an emergency.


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