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Wanna Fight?

Updated on August 11, 2012
Image credit: ultrakreativ / 123RF Stock Photo
Image credit: ultrakreativ / 123RF Stock Photo | Source

R.I.P. Republican

War: if it ever comes to this, liberals are ready. They are in the streets, their houses and schools, on the bike trails, and everywhere else. None hide from the conservative smart aleck. It might be harder to go three weeks without a haircut, or scoff at intelligent design at a PTA meeting, but liberals are ready to tango with their detractors. In fact, they are eager to settle scores. Conservatives have been waging a cowardly war of talk talk talk for years, hammering liberals in unprecedented verbal ways without let-up. And what have liberals done? Basically, they have been nice about it. They put up with fracking, cyanide mining, and the pile-up of coffins from incomprehensible foreign wars. Yet, conservatives are not satisfied. Why? What more do they want? Well, everything. They will accept the entire country for starters, and as such, they should be voted out of existence.

If conservative-liberal tensions ever heat up, liberals need not worry. They have so much to fight for, and the requisite incentives will come from within, welling up from hidden reservoirs of righteousness conservatives dare not dream of. Conversely, conservatives have next to nothing to fight with, since all they really do is feign patriotism and get others to fight for them. Let the conservative flee to his emblems and symbols, to his churches and monuments -- they belong to liberals, too. Let conservatives fly to other conservatives -- so much the better with all the vermin in the same trap.

There are many reasons why negotiations between these con-artists and liberals must cease. The conservative has gone too far in his accusations and as such cannot be reasoned with. By and large, liberals should not speak to or with conservatives. Arguments at this stage are useless. Liberals should not socialize with them. Liberals should not be in the same room with them. Liberals should avoid conservatives like the plague. For the present, however, conservatives must be pressured to comport themselves in a civilized fashion.

It may seem hopeless to oppose them, but there are an infinite variety of options, all of which hold promise. To be sure, conservatives cannot win on their own. They do not have what it takes to go it alone. They sponge on liberals, copy them, and voraciously feed upon liberal achievements too numerous to list. The best approach toward ridding America of conservatives is gradual. The goal is to eliminate every single one. At present, this seems untenable. Eventually, it will prove vital.

So who do we vote for in November? Actually, neither candidate will heed the agenda implied herein. But it must be pointed out that November's election is not Romney versus Obama and may the best man win. It is about fundamental values. It is also about survival. Conservatives have it in for liberals, who should take their threats seriously. If Romney is elected, the wrong people will obtain positions of importance and responsibility. Notice how well-groomed Romney is. This is a tried-and-true conservative ploy. But the American people are too smart to elect a pair of venerable side burns.

Admittedly, things as such are intolerable. Taxes are too high. Inflation is understated. Gasoline price gouging is a reality once again. Medical practice in America is impracticable for the majority of Americans. And good jobs are hard to find. The Obama people could do better, and hopefully will in the years ahead, but the bottom line is this. Obama will not sell the American people out to foreign powers and/or corporate greed. They will also be mindful of Americans at the very bottom, whereas the ultra-conservative Republican considers these fellow Americans the scum of the earth. Scorning entitlements, they will take the food out of the mouths of poor children.

Now, there are those who will vote against whatever in the election: against Obama, against Romney, against tax and spend, and against tax breaks for the well-heeled status quo. All should reconsider and re-evaluate. The Republican Party is thoroughly and relentlessly conservative. That was their choice. But Democrats, right smack dab in the middle, still accommodate both tendencies, conservative and liberal. It is therefore the party of choice and hope, until a more viable third party can be created.


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    • J.S.Matthew profile image

      JS Matthew 5 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      Another great Hub my friend! I am a liberal but I do have some conservative ideals. It is scary how Romney and his colleagues really don't care about people at all. Their only interests lie in their bank statements and affairs outside of this country. We are there robots, their pawns...Up and shared.