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Want to get into politics: How to Win an Election

Updated on October 31, 2012

10 Things that will help you win an election

It seems like every election cycle we see and hear the same things in the media. Normally, we can anticipate the war in the media that each campaign wages on their opposition. In my opinion, and I ran and lost the only political campaign I have ever entered, there are a few items that I would use and instinct (Marketing/advertising background experience) would seem to dictate that doing the following suggestions would actually be refreshing and make you a believable political candidate.

1. Talk about what you want to do if elected. Do not want to hear about all the dirt your campaign dug up on your opponent. Let your opponent run on his own track.

2. Ignore and do not get pulled into a spitting contest with your opponent.

3. Use your media dollars to talk about your campaign. Why would you spend your money talking about your opponent and then forget to let the viewer/listener know who you are? This is a waste of your money. Name recognition is a huge reason people will vote for a particular candidate. A lot of voters cannot tell you anything about their choice for office other than they remembered the name. If this is true why help your opponent?

4. Always turn the answer and discussion back on what you would like to accomplish when you are elected. Again, do not get pulled into a mudslinging bout when doing a live debate and/or Q&A with other candidates in front of the different civic groups hosting such events.

5. Always take the “high” road be positive and respectful for all concerned. That does not mean to become a “door mat”. Be firm about your stand on the things you talk about. Let your opponent do the mudslinging while mentioning your name. Remember the name of the game is “name recognition”

6. Your personal beliefs, when asked, are your beliefs and not a prediction as to how you will vote on any particular issue. Remind those whom you are addressing that you are being hired by an electorate and will be working for them and will cast your vote in the direction they want.

7. Keep reminding yourself and your constituents that you are there to represent the group not special interest groups.

8. Be honest; try to answer the question if you know the answer. If you do not know the answer, say so.

9. Run for office because of a passion to serve.

10. Always be humble.

These are 10 suggestions for the next cycle that you might find useful in trying to separate yourself from your competition. You may not always win but you will win a lot of respect.

Good luck and if you have never run for an elected office, try it. It is fun and you will meet a lot of very nice people.


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