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War and the US Dollar

Updated on September 10, 2012


For Profit and Power Only
For Profit and Power Only | Source


For some time now the United States dollar has been the International currency.

This, at its onset, was perhaps a good thing but its continued abuse has made it become a disaster of unfathomable magnitude and the cause of thousands of lives being wastefully lost.

As long as the US dollar is accepted by the international community, things can only get worse.

As long as other countries accept the US dollar, the US government no need to worry about debt, they can just print more money.

This obviously gives the United States a huge advantage over other countries, as they just print money that will be accepted, whilst other countries can only print money that can be backed by hard wealth or get expensive loans.


This though, having the advantage of loaded dice is not enough for those in the US that seek total global domination. These are the elite bankers who print the money for the US and receive interest for doing so. They want the US to print even more. How do they go about this?

Simple: Wars.

These same elite bankers control the politicians through campaign funding, they own the media and with this combination of sources to mislead the US public, inspire dislike, mistrust, hatred and eventually war like intentions on the good but unsuspecting and misguided US citizenship.

Why should these elite like to have their country in a state of war?

The answer to that is easy: Although they stir up patriotism for country in others, their own patriotism is solely to the US dollar with the wealth and power that it can bestow upon them.

When the US is at war with any country, they spend vast amounts of money on military hardware. The country they are at war with has also to buy vast amounts of hardware and of course they have to pay in the international currency, the US dollar. This means that these elitists have to print more money for both sides. Even though they have no wealth to back it up, who cares? As long as it is accepted internationally, and so with nothing, they print more money all of which they receive interest on.

Of course, they also own the companies that sell the countries the necessary military hardware.

Throughout WW11, it was General Electric, owned by the Rockefeller’s that sold the Nazis vital detonators for the bombs they dropped on the blitz of London. It was Ford Motors, owned by the Ford family that sold the Nazis the trucks they used to move their troops around Europe in order to fight American and allied forces.


Profits | Source

Clod War

All this though is still not enough.

The larger countries like Russia and China are harder to draw into actual warfare and these are expanding economies and so obviously the elite want that action. No problem!

In order to induce more personal wealth and stretch their realms of power, they once again turn to their politicians and media. This time it is not to convince the US public, it is to convince the larger nations; but of what?

They want to convince Russia and China that there is a need for an arms race, something that they sadly missed since the end of the cold war. Reagan was responsible for ending that and I wonder if it was achieved before or after his assignation attempt. Anyway the elitists want it back as it has almost the same effect financially for them as an actual war.


The United States politicians are fully aware of all these things but to try and stop them is too dangerous, not just politically but also physically.

Three presidents have tried to curb the power of the elitist bankers, the last being Kennedy. Oddly enough, the other two were also assassinated.

This all means that as long as the US dollar is the accepted international currency, wars and arm races, possibly leading to eventual nuclear conflict will always be a part of our everyday lives and be the cause, all be it indirectly, for the loss of many brave lives.

The politicians know that the best solution for peace will be changing the accepted international currency back to Gold or another independent source of wealth. Gaddafi of Libya knew this and was well in to convincing other nations that a new currency based on Gold and Oil was possible, unfortunately though, with his demise there is no longer a brave champion to lead this cause.

Many people pray for peace in the world or peace in our time but perhaps really they should be praying for the demise of the Federal Reserve and a change in international currency.

After all, the prayers would mean the same thing and it would appear that prayer is the only answer, as obviously the politicians are not interested in stepping into the fray.


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    • lone77star profile image

      Rod Martin Jr 5 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Excellent article, @rafken.

      I think the power elite are purposefully wrecking the dollar as the world's reserve currency in order to force the adoption of a world currency.

      It greatly saddened me when Gaddafi was deposed and killed. His valiant efforts to establish a different currency were heroic. I have seen videos that show him as a champion of his own people, giving them education and prosperity. All true? I don't know. But I no longer trust the America Corporate Party press.

      @ib radmasters, I don't see what you disagree about. @rafken wasn't talking about "popular" wars; he was talking about lucrative wars.

      And JFK may have been killed because he axed Operation Northwoods and was threatening to pull the plug on Vietnam.

      When Nelson Rockefeller was being vetted for the VP slot, one congressman asked about the involvement of one of his companies in supplying the North Vietnamese. Of course that would've been treason! To our shame, the congressman accepted Rockefeller's lame answer that he didn't know everything every one of his companies did.

      Rothschild banking 101: You always supply both sides of a conflict.

      The illusion of sides in Congress only helps to keep the citizens impotent. Are there really sides? I'm sure on some level, the people on opposing sides really feel strongly about their positions, but the Power Elite don't care.

      In America, there's only one political party -- the Corporate Party. The Corporate Party media keeps alive the illusion of choice.

      But both parties, at their most recent conventions, have done away with voting and Roberts Rules of Order.

      RNC Scripted:

      DNC Scripted:

      We're getting close to the next phase of dismantling America.

      Perhaps that will come when the $16+ Trillion in national Debt Bubble pops! Earth will become toast, with America at Ground Zero.

    • ib radmasters profile image

      ib radmasters 5 years ago from Southern California

      I have to disagree because we have been at war since 2001 and even before that and war is not popular and it is costly. WWII got the country out of the depression. The WARs since the Korean War have been away games with little threat to the mainland of the US, and therefore looked at as unnecessary and not funded to win. Johnson followed JFK and he escalated a very costly war in lives and money.

      None of the wars that followed had any gain for the country.

      It would be one thing if the US went to war to win, but they get into war and then the politicians argue and argue while American Military die for their right to argue.

      These politicians can't even agree whether to protect our borders or not.