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War in Gaza, Ebola in Africa, and Popcorn Time

Updated on July 31, 2014
Popcorn Time is 100% free.
Popcorn Time is 100% free.
Ebola outbreak
Ebola outbreak

The war in Gaza is reaching its third week already. At first it was just an incursion but as events unfolded and how Hamas continually provoke, Israeli plans went from incursion to war. Now, over 80,000 IDF men are fighting, over 1300 people have died, mostly innocent Palestinians used by Hamas as human shields, simply too close to the bomb blast. This is what war is about, any war. Neither side is willing to stop because each have an agenda despite the world being outraged, it will continue. This is what evil and hatred does to people. It has long festered in Gaza. The Israelis now plan to once and for all, behead Hamas military capability, which is why nearly 90% of the Israeli population fully support the IDF army pummeling Hamas targets in Gaza. Both the Israeli government and the people have had enough of Hamas and their terrorist threat to destroy them. Both sides populations live in fear because each distrusts and hates the other for long past events that many were not even alive at the time.

Palestinians around the world now demonstrate and shout horrible anti-Semitic comments that are taken from the Hitler playbook. Yet, they refuse to look in the mirror to see themselves as the enemy because of their association with Hamas. The PLO is totally inept at controlling Hamas in Gaza, they are unwilling to even arrest any of their leaders. The millions of dollars given by Qatar and Iran partially get diverted to Hamas, when it is suppose to help the innocent Palestinians. Even the non-weapon supplies, like food, helps feed the killers of Hamas.

Sadly, even if Israel dismantled Hamas, it will rebuild because Iran, Hezbollah, Turkey and Qatar will provide funds and aid. So, the war in Gaza is another futile one. It is only a band-aid on the very deep cancer in the Middle East. Unless those who support and provide life support Hamas stop, like many have, in another two years the scenario will repeat. Of course, the USA is not totally with clean hands, either. Even though America demands the fighting stop on humanitarian levels, America resupplies Israel with ammunition for its military. The USA could have simply refused to do this, but the US does support the destruction of Hamas, of Hezbollah, of ISIS, even if it means that innocent people die because of the terrorist tactics used. That is the nature of war. War is a game.

Ebola in Africa

Not far from the Middle East is Ivory Coast area of Africa where a real worldwide threat is very concerning. Ebola, a dreaded disease that has infected over 1300 and killed 700. The killer disease was first discovered in Africa in the 1970's and originated from several dirty, reused, syringes at a hospital. Sierra Leone, one country battling the virus, has declared an emergency. The WHO acknowledged the situation is getting worse and worries of a pandemic outbreak. One reason is that from the time a person is infected, 20 days pass before symptoms appear. During that time, the person may seem and feel normal, yet, the virus will be spread during this time to others. People can travel far in 20 days, making the epidemic hard to contain. Ebola is 90% fatal to anyone who is infected. There is no vaccine for the virus that is spread from human to human or animal to human and mostly health workers are in danger because of bodily fluids and blood transmit it. Symptoms include severe acute viral illness often characterized by the sudden onset of fever, intense weakness, muscle pain, headache and sore throat. This is followed by vomiting, diarrhoea, rash, impaired kidney and liver function. This is another war being fought that could be FAR worse than any Gaza war.

Popcorn Time

Since the write-up in the Wall Street Journal, users are racing to this free movie\TV show site that has Hollywood angry and trying to shut down. Like former attempts from others, this offers recent movies and TV series, much like Netflix and Hulu. The difference is that it is totally free and there are no junk files, malware, that download. Users fall into two categories: either you love it because it is free or, you hate it, because royalties are not being paid. IMO, free is good. Hollywood can survive nicely. They make enough money when the movie is in theaters. They are greedy.

Popcorn Time was created in Argentina. The objective was to produce a free movie site that is like Netflix or xfinity from a user point of view. It does this very well. Once you download the app to your Windows or Apple computer, it works flawlessly. You can search and pick. When you choose a movie, the quality is very good, much like a DVD, but you are streaming it from somewhere. The other thing about this app is that, unlike other free sites, where nefarious things are downloaded without your knowledge, Popcorn Time does not. After I watched a movie, I checked for malware on my computer, nothing! It will be available for cell phones soon, also. Just Google "popcorn time" in the search field and use the link.

The key question, how long until it gets shut down from Hollywood. Until then, enjoy!


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