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War in the Philippines and Human rights

Updated on October 21, 2017

The sentience of societies or organizations grouped out of individual persons have similarity to the sentience of a single human being in the manner that these entities (individual or group) react to things in their environment that they can sense or remember, as well as similar sensibilities, dispositions and compulsions.

That is, the whole society in its entirety effectively may behave like self-conscious living thing and thus may be considered so, a strange beast that has similar ambitions or shortcomings as an individual human being. The effect seems like some kind of universal law, with expect-able possibilities like mathematical law.

The organizing tendency that result to higher forms may be universal (or else sometimes) for living things, from simple biological cells up to higher being forms that sentient things may organize itself to achieve certain ends, although as a result of organizing it may be possible that some desirable individual traits may degrade to average qualities, or less, or else to zero on higher forms that have no real need of those qualities.

Paradoxically in the case of entities on the level of human individuals and/or its societies, qualities that basically may not be considered admirable generally may sometimes not dilute, or else may intensify in the personae of human societies, and thus could be an indication that human societies sometimes need certain not so admirable qualities manifested in individuals.

Conflict between entities as a rule sets up the kind of environment where characteristics and characters of antagonizing entities, any type of entity, may be better observed, giving opportunity to gain further knowledge in the varied forms of higher human society entities through revealed qualities that in normal conditions are unseen.

The fascinating environment may have been setup and may be observable for some indefinite period in a country somewhere in the tropics, in the Pacific side of
the globe, because of an event that began sometime in 2016 A.D., an internal commotion that is more known as the Philippine's "War on Drugs".

This principal war produced a secondary type of conflict that may be better described as a war of nerves, or maybe cold war, where constituents of the opposing main two entities at the very least may likely give each other the cold shoulder treatment if they happen to meet, though more likely any chance encounter would be avoided and smouldering counter attacks through the press would more often be made.

Brutal enough if only the two antagonists are considered, the flames of the produced conflict may have intensified or might have been fanned because of scorer type entities that may be classifiable thru the label "social surveyor".

Each of the opposing entities has clear enough objective that obviously has direct bearing on the the way the principal war is being conducted, although maybe for constituents, or many of these anyway, other unseen agenda, possibly political may be a major motivation.

One entity has interests that deal with human rights, especially those of citizens in the line of fire while the interests of its opponent bear on the citizenry's human rationality especially of the youth.

======== <<< Chess (2-players) >>>=====<<< Chess (4-players) >>> ========

As the primary war evolve and change so too shall nature of the secondary war, providing further opportunities in the study of entities involved. And change it shall sooner or later, since wars can't last forever.

A puzzling change did occur in the conduct of the principal war approximately maybe a year after it started, its cause unclear whether a part of the order of battle that was originally scheduled by planners or else something that occurred because of extraneous factors, like a side effect the secondary war or maybe influence of entities involved in it.

When the principal war started its various operations that require considerable manpower was sufficiently handled by the police force. The manpower usable in the
modified warfare is considerably less and comes only from the existing civilian agency that handle drug abuse, or the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA).

It is possible that enough damage had been done to illegal drug trade mechanisms so new strategies may be used that don't require much manpower and probably eases conflict in the secondary war.

To the credit of the police force utilized in the first part of the principal war, hard statistics showed very large decline in the commission of drug related crime, among which are murders, rapes and other abuses to the humanity of human beings.

Unfortunately reading statistics is hardly entertaining to ordinary individuals, much less to higher level entities that actually are scattered brain beasts when you come to think of it.

If statistics reporting could be setup in such a way that it is palatable and known to more people possibly it would be more useful. Maybe include it as reading matter in youths' schools?


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