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War on Women..Liberal Hypocrisy

Updated on March 29, 2012

As liberals continue to bash conservatives on their views on women, the general public is starting to listen. More individuals believe conservatives have a war on women. What exactly do they mean by this? They have two key points birth control and abortion. One is an issue of access to a product for free. While the other is a debate over freedom to choose.

View of Women

When Rush Limbaugh made an awful statement about a young women recently the mainstream media and many members of a particular political party went crazy. They asked for resignation, the ending of advertising and then started a pure attack on conservative men. Liberals tried to convince America that conservative want to go back 60-70 years when women had les rights. Yet, at the same time they made no attempt to bash Bill Maher who donated 1 million dollars to an obama super mac and made statement about rick santorum wife needed a vibrator, saying bristol palin was essentially a w***e. David Axlerod tried to say the statments were different. Well not exactly both where blatent attacks on women. One no wrse then the other. This created a ket attack on conervatives on birth control and abortion.

Birth Control

An already cheap product that you can get for as little as 4 dollars became a trail against conservatives. This is because obama and his party believed birth control should be free. The outcome of this being insurance icrease rates on all people to fund it at 0. A fight ensued regarding conservatives being against women access to birth control when reality it was about dictating to religious groups that they had to provide something they are against.


The liberal bread and butter. Women should have the right to choose. They did choose, they had sex with an outcome of potential child. Both men and women understand the premise behng intercourse and potential outcomes. No one could debate abortion should be allowed in cases of rape or life of parent. Fine allow that but beyond this why should the choice be allowed to kill an innocent life. The choice was already offered when the determination to have sex was made. What really is disturbing is this is the party against the death penalty because one of the crimnals may be innocent. Yet hte millions of babies killed is ok because that is a choice. Someone please explain that to me.

Conservative Views

Conservative men want women to continue to gain equality and have the right of choice in education,careers partners an so forth. They do not believe birth control should be free and they generally dont believe killing innocent children is a choice. There core convictions give women options if you want to stay at home and be a housewife feel free if that makes you happy. If you want to work do so as well. We do not want to dictate to women what there rights are but we do feel society has to determine what the rights of innocent life is as well.


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    • lifelovemystery profile image

      Michelle Orelup 

      6 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      The imaginary 'war on women' is a smoke screen to detract people from what really happens in DC.


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