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Warmer Earth May Create Crisis

Updated on October 31, 2006

Global Crisis Likely Within 50 Years Says Tony Blair

Tony Blair, UK Prime Minister: "If the science is right, the consequences for our planet are disastrous....This disaster is not set to happen in some science-fiction future many years ahead, but in our lifetime."

A British scientific report said that if current trends continue, average global temperatures will rise by 3.6 to 5.4 degrees within the next 50 years or thereabouts.

Everyone should be demanding to know what their government representatives are planning to do about global warming. What is their position on dirty coal-fired electric power plants, motor vehicle fuel economy, solar and wind power, etc.


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    • profile image

      Iðunn 11 years ago


    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 11 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      Thanks, but the previous picture was a mask. This one is the real me!

    • profile image

      Iðunn 11 years ago

      in agreement with mr. deeds...

      also with jimmy that the mask is a nice halloween touch. : )

    • profile image

      ralph deeds 11 years ago

      Thanks. More than a scientific problem, warming is a global political problem which requires education and cooperation to marshall the resources to deal with it before it's too late.

    • jimmythejock profile image

      James Paterson 11 years ago from Scotland

      strange thing about this Ralph Mr Blair has always decided that the environment is a big issue with his labour party, when an election is due,but in the U.K we never seem to see things done about it.....jimmy

      p.s love the mask happy halloween