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Was President Obama Responsible for President Trump?

Updated on November 15, 2016

Regardless of what you may think, or what your political views are, there is a reality with the 2016 Presidential election: Trump owes Obama some credit.

The final popular vote tally, like the election, remains very close. Hillary Clinton has only received about 800,000 more of the popular vote. This has decreased over the days after the election. It signifies that America has a great divide between its citizens. President Obama was part of the reason why Trump, despite all his BAD faults, won. Obama tried his best in the final days to put Clinton on some sort of pedestal and lofty notion she could be trusted. Many voters were sick of Obama after eight years. Many, like myself, was happy with the first four years of Obama's presidency but soured during the second four years greatly with his foreign policy weakness. The economy did not improve to help the blue collar workers of all colors on a large scale. Like his foreign policy debacles in Syria and Iran, his domestic policies kept workers at bay with little, if any, improvement.

If there was one really turn off for many former pro-Obama supporters it was an obvious bias during the Trayvon Martin and other black killings at the hands of police. A bias that promoted more black\white anger. It was the worst thing he could have done- that is, take sides, just because he is half black. It was a bias that seemed to make America look like the "bad guy" in the Islamic world because Obama defended Islam and refused to say "Islamic terrorist". It was his acquiesce about "Black Lives Matter" that allowed killings of police officers. He only gave lip service to the police killed. Less bothersome, were the immigration issues. But, that exploded when he wanted to admit thousands of Syrians without being vetted out thoroughly. His position on gays changed from anti-gay to supporting it for equal rights. For many, this was a change for the worse. Then, there was Obamacare.

Let's be clear, it was a Godsend for 20 million people who could not get it. It was, in general, a good idea for America. Many countries have national health, why not America? It was a plan destined to go awry over time. In 2016, it did. The rise of the cost continues to skyrocket because many younger workers are not joining it, because many major insurance companies are saying it is not cost effective to remain in it, and because the system has too many people in it requiring expensive type treatments. But, the worst thing for many is that it was forced upon Americans. If you choose not to enroll, your are hit with a tax fee, and each year, it becomes more expensive to not sign up. For many Americans, this was communistic. Why force Americans to join it? This seems like a Putin mandate.

Obama is still well liked as a person. His wife is even more popular. They are just nice Americans. Obama is presidential, maybe too much so, Trump is gruff, bombastic, in your face, and doesn't care what you think.

Trump should thank Obama because half of America really was sick of his policies. Obama's legacy will point this out.


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