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Was What??

Updated on October 12, 2009

Was What???


Was weapons
well maybe
was grave
I'm a telling ya
situation was
ripe for peril
wasn't it
well perhaps
well Dick
whattaya think
are weapons
we'll find em
maybe soon
maybe not
maybe in powells colon
but not in Iraq
kay says
no weapons but
there are
program related activities
like craft classes
and nuclear yoga??
or roadside bombmaking
and car detonations??
bush is whining
it's not
our fault
it was the intelligence
it was bad
just a mistake
"No kidding georgie
the intelligence
was astoundingly bad
right there
in the oval office!"
but.. but.. butt...we thought
they had something
hey we got saddam
doesn't that count
yo fuckheads
over 4,000 and counting
no weapons of mass death
no biological reasons
no chemical reasons
but over 4,000 men
and women evaporated
due to a much more
dangerous weapon
S T U P I D I T Y !!
the greatest threat
to mankind ever
a deadly force

right here at home.
Ambushed by thier own
Yeah, sad damn Saddam
is no longer in charge
but men still die
so many this week
so damn many
on and on
bomb by bomb
tiny metal sharpnel
and some cheap explosives
mind numbing
and now they want to mount
a spring offensive
in Afghanistan
Hey, maybe the weapons got
moved there
and bin is in a
spider hole in iraq
It's anybodies guess
and I guess the bodies
will keep piling up
until there's a mass
of destruction
reaped in flesh
and a very small note in history
on bushes waterloo.


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    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 7 years ago from Southern Illinois



      telling it like it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!