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Was it Real or Was it a Hologram? Will This Be Part of the Great Deception?

Updated on January 6, 2018

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

What is Augmented Reality? Researchers and engineers have taken graphics to a whole new place in computer technology - and it is not a good place.

The usage of graphics are no longer limited to being projected only through computers, televisions and movie theater screens - they are now being projected and added into our 'real world' environment. Augmented reality graphics includes adding new sounds, new smells and even haptic feedback into our 'real world reality.'

These dangerous technologies are now blurring the minds of people to what is 'true environment reality' and what is 'augmented computer-generated environment.'

This new technology is not actually 'new' technology but rather 'perfected' technology. It has been perfected for many years in research studies and government experiments on the unaware people from all over the world - and the people have failed horribly in recognizing it.

'Augmented Reality' is preparing to take millions of people from all over the world by surprise, fear, and gullibility - it already has - this great deception is only going to become greater.

Do you really know what the reality of your environment is? Is it true reality or is it only augmented reality?

Are you sure about that?

The Whale in a High School Gymnasium

Be Alert & Aware

This Lesson May Save Your Life

Although this writing may seem to be written under the disguise of being entertainment - it is not. It is very important that you understand what is being taught to you on this page and why you need to be aware of the 'Coming Deception.' It could save your life, your families life or the life of another.

This perfected technology that you will be viewing is only the technology that has been placed into the 'public' view purposely. There is even more Augmented technology that goes far beyond what the public eye will ever see and know. These superior Hologram technologies are in the hands of psychopaths and they now have the ability to reek havoc, chaos, fear upon the people of the world - endless deception and it is imminent!

My advise to the people who are reading this article?

Always question everything you see and most importantly - question everything 'before acting' on what you see.

This augmented technology can and will be used against enemies here and abroad. It will breed confusion and doubt - no doubt about it.

Hologram of a Man in the Sky

Hologram of Mary in the Sky

Floating City Over Africa - testing...testing...testing...1...2...3

Floating City Over China.....

Satan's Deception Scenario

Scenario #1

Imagine if you were standing in a crowd and you see a man with an AK-47. He is getting ready to shoot into the crowd and kill a mass amount of people. Would it be your first inclination to first check if this was a hologram before you open fired to take down the assailant?

If that assailant is only a hologram, you have just shot whoever is standing behind this deception - an innocent person or persons. Do you see the depths of deception and the unwarranted deaths which could occur innocently?

Scenario #2

What if you are an average United States citizen and you see a group of unnaturally low flying fighter jets zoom over you in the sky as you stand outside. The noise of these jets rumbles your body. You seem to hear what sounds like a bomb and you witness smoke - even smelling what you believe is to be smoke.

Would you be fearful and run inside and believe that we are at war? Would you possibly get a camera and video tape it and place it on You-Tube under the label "United States is at WAR!" Would you even stop to question if this was a hologram?

Scenario #3

You are a Christian and you are told by neighbors or you may have read it in the newspaper that Mother Mary, Jesus Christ or God's angel has appeared at a local place in a nearby town or even another state. It has appeared in the sky or on the ground and miraculously! Would you make the pilgrimage to this place to see it and pray to it? Would you make the trek just to see if it was true?

Would you ever consider it to be a '7d Hologram' and it was a set up? You better consider it.

Would you realize that it may be just a way to flush out and destroy the Christians and that it was just a Hologram with many explosives in the area waiting for thousands of Christians to step foot onto the targeted area?

Does this sound too far fetched for the readers? It shouldn't be. Christians should be reading their Bibles and understanding the true revelation of scripture and God's holy words - otherwise it could end up deadly.How truly embarrassing it is for me to watch Christians believing and praying to holograms in the sky, calling the noises of government social experiments God's trumpets. People need to wake up!

Again - Question everything you see before acting.

Luke 17:23 “And if they will say to you, 'Behold, he is here.' and 'Behold he is there', do not go.”

Matthew 24:23 "Then if someone will say to you, “Behold, The Messiah is here or there”, you should not believe."

Strange Sounds From The Skies From All Around the World

LRAD used at the G20 Pittsburg


To go along with these 7d Holograms you must have noises that can be heard or it just won't be believable to the masses. If fighter jets swooped low over your house but you heard nothing but silence then you would surely know it was a hologram correct?

These noises are only test runs - research and social experiments - and they have been testing these noises for years. One particular town was chosen to be studied and the noises began. What was being researched and studied by doing this?

Who was woke up from their sleep by these noises? Who didn't hear the noise at all? Were there people affected and some that were not affected? Could the animals hear it? What were the peoples reactions to it? Were they frightened? Suspicious? Did they connect it with religious views?

Now you may ask why the 'powers that be' would want this type of information? Have you ever heard of the word LRAD?

LRAD means long range acoustical device. LRAD can be used as a weapon against enemies here and abroad. LRAD is stated to be a non-lethal weapon for crowd control but I would suspect that LRAD is not limited to only non-lethal crowd control - hardly. LRAD can also be called "sonic weapons." Yes, noises can be used as a weapon and they can often be deadly.

LRAD is used at this time to deter wildlife from airport runways, solar and wind farms and even nuclear power facilities. What can certain pitches - vibrations from a LRAD sound do to a human body that is in range? It can cause one to severely vomit, it can alter a heart-beat, it can also give you a pounding headache to state just a few.

Are you understanding a bit more about LRAD and 7d Holograms and how they can be used as a weapon?

Simple Hologram

Perfected Hologram

Simple Hologram VS Perfected Hologram

The technology of a simple hologram in this comedy video will make you laugh but please pay attention to the 'reaction' of those who have been pranked by this simple ghost-demon hologram popping out of the woods.

The newest technology of 7d Holograms has been so perfected that even I would be stumped of whether it was truly real or if it was only a hologram.

The only way to actually be sure of whether it is a hologram or reality is to place your hand through it - toss a pebble through it or send a laser light beam through it. I would not suggest doing that to any plane that you suspect in the air because this could be detrimental to an airplane and its passengers. It is a federal crime to do so - you would be looking at 5 years in prison.

For the objects that you see on the ground such as the example which was given of the assailant with a gun in a crowd, I would highly suggest you don't try to get close and touch him to see if he is real. A laser light beam does the trick perfectly.

Do you think that this is far fetched as well? No it is not. The world's technology has become quite dangerous and deadly and it will become worse as the world crumbles and begins to spin out of control. These weapons are already in use and they will be used in a greater way as the collapse comes.

Would you rather know the truth of that army of soldiers who may or may not be marching down your street patrolling? I would not suggest you shoot that beam on a soldier in the evening though for obvious reasons.How about whether that supposed alien, zombie or UFO landing in your backyard is actually real or augmented?

The use of propaganda and mind control combined with the long standing test-runs of highly researched - world wide experiments upon the unsuspecting people is the 'environment of true reality'. It is not fictitious as many would like to believe.

Will you fall for deceptions that will keep you fearful, confused and unable to distinguish truth from augmented reality?

Take control of your life and educate yourself on these technologies that are being used. These technologies are in the hands of mad-men and they are not designed for your viewing pleasure but to keep you in fear, confusion and a state of panic. People give away their liberties when they are fearful - even if they are not based on true reality. Are you fearful from the truth or are you fearful due to augmented reality?

By educating yourself, you have empowered yourself. You will not be caught up in a deception that may cause you to fear unnecessarily and spit out deceptive propaganda unintentionally - confusing all those around you with more deception.

The 'Great Deception' is coming! Have you been caught up in it already unaware?

Always question everything you see and most importantly - question everything 'before acting' on what you see.

Shalom, JG

Holograms & LRAD

Were you aware of 7d Holograms & LRAD before you read this?

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    • colorfulone profile image

      Susie Lehto 

      23 months ago from Minnesota

      JD, I do believe we will be seeing amazing things projected in the sky, and many people who are already deceived will be even more so, and many will follow them...but, God...

      The holograms are something else to see on videos, I would love to see some in person like the whale jumping out of water.

    • JG Hemlock profile imageAUTHOR

      JG Hemlock 

      23 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

      These holograms are perfected. Everyone should know the word of God so that they don't go out in the 'desert' to find Him. He is not there. A trap. I believe that the coming Latter Rain anointing will change the eyes of those who are His. They will see in a way that will be more than a 'seers eyes.'

    • profile image


      23 months ago

      The hologram thought stirred me the first time seeing it.

      This servant wonders if a lack of depth perception will affect the view seeing it as they want it seen as this servant does not or cannot see even in 3-D.


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