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Washing The Black Away

Updated on May 18, 2015

Washing The Black Away

If you were to wash the melanin from your skin, you would put yourself at risk for certain cancers, such as basal cell carcinoma to melanoma, an aggressive cancer that spreads more rapidly than milder skin cancers. Melanin’s primary function is to protect the skin from sun damage, and a person with dark skin has many benefits from the melanin that is in their skin. Although, people who are lighter skinned; also has melanin in their skin... It is a much smaller amount.

Melanin is the primary determinant of skin and hair color. And it aids in the way the brain and nerves operate, helping with cell reproduction and vision. There are many benefits, many I could mention about melanin enriched skin; however, the purpose for this blog is to enlighten many people of reality facing African American people.

Being an African American woman, I seek the truth concerning who I am and what my ancestors have endured; as well as what African American's deal with today. I will not depend on people of another ethnicity to educate me about myself. Their major concern is only for the betterment of their own people; if it takes hurting another ethnic group, they'll lie, cheat and kill to do it.
This brings me to the subject of self preservation. It is a natural response when protecting your own family, ethnic group, country or even a team.

The white man has committed many atrocities by stealing land from the Native American's, conquering territories by taking precious resources, even enslaving people. This doesn't take away from the fact that many races of people from all over the world hasn't done the same sorts of things as well. However; my focus is on African American's and what they have endured.
Some people argue that African's sold their own people into slavery. Here is when common sense should kick in. Who in their right mind sells their own brother's and sister's into slavery? If you read in Genesis in the bible, you'll see where Joseph's own brother's sold him into slavery because they were jealous of him because he was their father's favorite son. His brother's also could not accept a dream that Joseph had that he shared with them.

He told them a dream where his bundle of grain stood higher than theirs and that they bowed to him. It was definitely symbolic; because later after Joseph was sold into slavery by his brother's; he became ruler next to the Pharaoh of Egypt. And the next time they saw Joseph, his prophetic dream came true where they had bowed down to their brother Joseph. Of course this was not the case for Africans selling other tribes of Africans into slavery.

In life there is a cause in effect, and in the case of Africans selling other Africans into slavery...again cause and effect. During tribal wars, there were many Africans captured by other tribes of Africans... some became prisoners of war and sold to Europeans.

There was no prison system, but as punishment selling them to the white man was a form of punishment. The first group of Africans were criminals who had committed such heinous crimes, committed adultery or stole and needed to be punished. In exchange for these African's; Europeans gave the rulers and kings of certain African tribes. trade and goods. The white man convinced the rulers in Africa that they came in peace to spread the good news of Christianity to it's people and that they were missionaries; and that they wanted some people from this tribe to teach English, so that communication would be better, especially when they needed a translators to be able to communicate with the slaves that they were going to bring back to American shores.

Ghana was one of the major trading post for trading slaves for goods. The rulers of Ghana was not going to sell their own people into slavery, so they went into other tribes and stole innocent people and criminals from other tribes. Here comes that word self preservation, no one would sell their own people. right? wrong, again think about Joseph's brother's. Jealousy was the root cause of their decision to sell out their very own brother.

If a group of people from Russia went into Poland looking for slaves, and Polish people knew of some French people that the Russians could enslave instead. Trust me the Polish would lead the Russians right to the doorsteps of France. These people know how to differentiate from one another, mainly because of looks, language and culture.

Different African tribes also are different from each other by language,religious beliefs and culture and even looks. None of us are the same, even though some people say blacks all look alike. Asians are another group of people who differ from each other. Vietnamese. Japanese, Filipino, Chinese...should I go on? And let's not forget they war with each other, just like Africans war with each other; and Europeans war with each other too.

"My decision to destroy the authority of the blacks in Saint Dominque (Haiti) is not so much based on considerations of commerce and money, as on the need to block for ever the march of the blacks in the world."
Napoleon Bonaparte

This man was despicable in every way shape and form. Anyone who wants to rid the world of another ethnic groups God given right to exist, deserves to burn in the pits of hell, and they will. And what is equally disturbing is when an ethnic group turn on themselves and hate who they are. This helps to further the cause and makes it easier for those contemplating genocide against a certain race or ethnic group. Because it's a harder task to annihilate a group of people who loves their people, who loves who they are; and what they stand for. They will fight the good fight to preserve their lives and culture.

The Native American people were a prime example of fighting the good fight, although many lost their lives by war and disease. They had to be an honor to their race and culture for standing up for themselves.

I won't forget to throw in that slave owners are responsible for the degradation of Africans. They are the ones who taught Africans that something was wrong with their skin, culture and language. Therefore; brainwashing and persuading them to hate themselves and their own people. Unfortunately, this brainwashing has spilled over into today's generation and it not only brainwashed African Americans, but it has also contaminated whites, Asians, Hispanics and other races to believe that African American's are the undesirables and a menace to world's society...not fully understanding the plight or only hearing half truths about African Americans and what they dealt with.

This attitude robs good, hard working, intelligent, loving, beautiful and graceful African Americans from shining their light in the world. In each race there are people who are sociopaths, maniacs, lunatics, evil people and no one has a right to put a certain ethnic group in that category. If someone studies the history or look at crime reports from around the world, they will find that each race has contributed to crime and mayhem, whether it's within their own ethnicity or against those who differ.

The Clark doll experiment in the 1950's, was a test where they tested a group of young African American school children by placing two dolls in front of each child and asked them to choose which doll was prettier and good, or black and ugly. Most of the children choose the white doll as the good prettier doll, and the black doll was the bad ugly doll. Hmm! it doesn't surprise me that these African American children picked the white doll as the good pretty doll and the black was the negative doll. The reason is because they were taught this behavior throughout the generations that stems all the way back to the slavery era.

There was a time when African slave women who had just given birth; and was breast feeding, would have to leave their own crying babies to go and nurse the slave owners white babies. There was a time when Africans could not look a white man or woman in the eyes. There was a time when Africans were not allowed to learn to read.

During segregation, African Americans were not allowed to use the same restrooms, drink at the same water fountain, attend school alongside of white kids or anything else that makes them a part of the human society. There was a time when African Americans were told that they were 3/5 human. This is something that makes a child grow up feel inferior and hate themselves...of course those children were going to choose the pretty white doll over the ugly black doll. Who wants to be ugly? This reminds me of the beginning of this blog where I speak about melanin and how beneficial it is to have, it is definitely something good.

So, why do you want to stand in the mirror and wash away your black ugly skin? There was a time that lighter skinned blacks used to marry their lighter skinned cousins, so that they would not produce dark skinned babies by marrying a dark skinned black person...some may still practice this. Needless to say, there are many African American's today trying to straighten their hair, lighten their skin and do other things to their body to look more European, because they think it's prettier and more acceptable. But truth be told, if many African American's had a choice to press a button and change their race to white, they would in a heart beat.

White people who tan or who get lip injections to make their lips larger are not doing it to become more Afrocentric, they are simply trying to enhance their beauty; because if they had a choice to press a button and become a black person, many would rather die first. I'm not saying that all white people hate the way black people look, some admire black people and their culture.
I suggest many black people do a google or YouTube search and visit sites where there are many beautiful black men, women and children, just to see the beauty that their race possess and then look in the mirror at your own beauty. I don't care how many times you heard someone say that your skin is too dark, your nose is too wide or your hair is're uniquely and beautifully made by God for his own glory, not to please man.

There is something else I think is very unsettling; and that is my friend and I had a discussion about adoption. She is past her child-bearing years and she said she would consider adoption, but that she would only adopt a child that is Black or from Africa because they are the least desired when a couple is looking to adopt. It is true that most people choose to adopt white, Hispanic or Asian children, with white children being the first choice. It is natural that a white couple would want to adopt white children, that is not a problem at all; however, here is where the problem does begin.

When there isn't a white baby available, a white couple will adopt an Asian, Hispanic or mix race black child before they would consider a full bred black child. In fact they would be first in line to be able to adopt the child before an African American couple. Now maybe It's different in other places of the world. There are plenty of black children waiting to be adopted and I think it is a shame. African American children cost less to adopt. One place I visited on the internet stated that a full bred African American child is $18,000 and a mix breed child is $26,000 and a white child is $35,000. None of this makes any sense at all, it says that my ethnicity isn't worth as much as others. I guess slavery will never be over.

During the riots sparked by because police brutality of unarmed African American men in major American cities. Buildings were looted and set ablaze by mostly African America people. I have been on blog sites where people of other races has called African American's animals; and some people ask why would they destroy their own communities? The truth is looting and rioting is not only something African American's do.

This is something that all people do for one reason or another. During the pumpkin last year, white kids threw beer bottles, destroyed cars, and bon fires burned. If you compare this to the riots in Ferguson or Baltimore, it is different because one was an organized civil rights protest prompt by the shooting death of unarmed African American Men; and the other was just a bunch of unruly spoiled white kids having a good time. The media called African Americans thugs and called whites rowdy. None of these things shouldn't define an individual because of race, only by the actions and character of one person. This is just my rant, so don't have a hissy fit...go on with your life, please.


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    • Affinity2010 profile image

      Leslie Trotter 2 years ago from New Orleans, La

      I think being comfortable in your own skin has many benefits, regardless of race. Ones behavior has nothing to do with the color of their skin. The purpose for the blog was to teach the importance of melanin that dark skinned races possess and that they should value themselves and race more.

    • profile image

      Big E 2 years ago

      What would white skin really do for the black man? White skin would a black man raped in prison and robbed in the hood.

      What would black skin do for the white man? Get him through college cheaper and easier, make him look stronger, give him more flexibility on what he can and can not say, reducd his chances of getting robbed, give him more sex appeal just to name a few.

      black skin would be a gift for the white man. Real talk.


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