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Washington State Goes Green

Updated on November 9, 2012

Historic Moment #1 - Intiative 502 NAW Passes in Washington State

Many believed it couldn't be done.

Even more people feel it shouldn't have been done.

You probably knew that though. Although what you might not know, is that many of those people were freedom fighters for cannabis and personal liberties as well. Yet and still, with an amazing opposition, the Yes on 502 campaign managed to get the right kind of support and garnered 55% voter approval throughout the state of Washington.

That is no simple thing to gawk at when you consider how many other states have continually been pushing for cannabis reform and have been railroaded at the ballots, one way or another. Even this year, as Washington and Colorado officially stood up in defiance of the federal prohibition of cannabis, several other states failed to pass similar initiatives.

Historic Moment #2: Seattle Police Go Green

For some, it may not seem like that big of a deal after Seattle's I-75, though for most of us, 502 was worth passing if only to see the recent blotter post on SPD's blog called "Marijwhatnow? A Guide to Legal Marijuana Use in Seattle"

The post highlights the ways that SPD will be interpreting the new legislation from 502, including whether or not Seattle Police Officers themselves, are able to partake in the same way they are allowed to recreationally take part in alcoholic beverages.

To add to the joy, it's clear from the blotter post and the LOTR video at the end of it, that SPD and the whole of the Emerald City are getting ready to get into an economic groove predicted to be the best thing since slice bread.

Historic Moments Yet to Come...

As the days roll on, people throughout the great green state of Washington are preparing for the days ahead. It's expected that much of the state, and especially the puget sound tri-cities, will be heavily celebrating on Deccember 6th, the day that 502 officially becomes active state law. Though before and after that momumentous day, are plenty of dogged-days that countless activists, policy makers and state agents, will be working together to repair the patches, holes and problems through the legislation.

Even more interesting beyond that, will be any state vs. feds battles coming up. Christine Gregoire turned down the opportunity to provide a united front with Colorado's governor while meeting with the Federal DEA to discuss the implications of our current non-compliance with the War on Drugs. She has suggested that it was because she needs more time to discuss the issues with other department and state legal agents before moving forward, though it could also simply be that she is hoping to leave the mess for Washington's newest governor - Jay Inslee - to deal with the new struggles ahead.

Which wouldn't be all together a bad thing to do, as Gregoire has a track record for dismantling any cannabis-legalization efforts, and Jay Inslee already came out publicly in his campaign interviews, saying that he would uphold the voters wishes. Either way, the months ahead will yield an interesting, scary, fascinating and all together nerve-wracking calendar of events as Washington state gets ready to step into the ring with the Obama Drug Administration.


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