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Sustainable Living: Grocery Stores

Updated on July 22, 2015
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Mason Shade has diplomas in Holistic/Western Medicine, CBD Medicine, Advocacy, Mental Health, English Language & Literature, & Social Media.

Discover Wasteless Living

Waste-less living is a desire to lessen our individual carbon footprint on this Earth. Creating a more eco-friendly and green world.

The world has a garbage problem. In 2009, The Conference Board of Canada gave across all 17 countries studied, an average of 578 kg of waste produced per citizen, Canada, however, had produced 777 kilograms of garbage per citizen.

The numbers show that Canada produces more than twice as much garbage, per person, than Japan, the best country on the ranking in that category, which made only 377 kilograms per person that year.


'Encouraging more sustainable consumption is crucial.'

— Conference Board director Len Coad

What Would Wasteless Grocery Shopping Be Like?

Based off the most noted wasteless grocery store Original Unverpackt, Germany’s first zero-waste grocery store we can create waste-less grocery shopping by implementing:

  • Bulk Gravity Bins for solids and powders - consumers dispensed as needed
  • Bulk Tank and Foutain systems for all non-dairy liquids (Juices, Pops, Condiments, Cleaners, Etc.) - consumers dispensed as needed

Original Unverpackt

How to Take Their Initiative Further

Implementing the design of Original Unverpackt how can we take their amazing idea and create an even more sustainable grocery shopping environment? Here are some ideas that could help make this a popular choice for consumers:

  • G.M.O. Labeling on all tanks that contain G.M.O. Foods
  • Create Eco-friendly Plastics made from plants and plant resins for all reusable storage containers for corporations and consumers, only sustainable fabrics and materials
  • Reusable hemp bags for check-out and/or create Eco-friendly plastic folding shopping cart for consumer purchase
  • Create Eco-friendly reusable plastic containers for consumers such as but not limited to egg cartons, juice cartons, bread boxes, ice cream cartons, diaper and wipe cases
  • Create automatic weight stations for every item that prints a receipt for consumers of total weight added and cost

You're Paying For All Of This Useless Garbage

In Canada and most Countries you are paying for the removal of your trash one way or another this is known as the Pay As You Throw (PAYT) Program
There are three main types of PAYT programs:

  • 1. Full-unit pricing: Users pay for all the garbage they want to have collected in advance by purchasing a tag, custom bag, or selected size container.
  • 2. Partial-unit pricing: The local authority or municipality decides on a maximum number of bags or containers of garbage, with the collection paid for by taxes. Additional bags or containers are available for purchase should the user exceed the permitted amount
  • 3. Variable-rate pricing: Users can choose to rent a container of varying sizes (some programs offer up to five), with the price corresponding to the amount of waste generated.


How You're Wasting Useful "Trash"

While the Green Bin Initiative has saved Canadians on their garbage bag accumulation it has not really done anything else, how can this be changed so that it directly impacts the consumer in a beneficial way?

What is a Green Bin? The green bin is a miniature version of composer, except it is not really giving you the benefits of your scrapes decomposing, it just giving you that awful smell.

Composters, however, are more practical as well as beneficial, they sit outside of your home taking the scraps from your Green Bin and turning into a natural source of fertilizer to replace conventional synthetic products, which reduces the consumption of non-renewable natural resources.

Home composters also divert organic waste from landfill sites, reducing waste production and greenhouse gas emissions.


Consumer's Poll

Should Waste-Less Grocery Shopping Be Implemented Across North America?

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© 2015 Mason Shade


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