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Watching End of Sovereign Governments & Rise of Corporations

Updated on January 10, 2011

We're Literally Governed By Private Corporations

The coup de tat already occurred.

Many people think that what we need is more legislation to prevent such a thing from happening. Lol. We're waaaay past that. All the legislation in the world will not help you if you have no skills, no resources, and no infrastructure. You were used up in order to create the financial global governance. They took advantage of the public sleep disorder and utilized our own ignorance, apathy, disconnection, and inability to coordinate with each other to do anything about it (most not even being aware of it) to suck out our own capital to fund our own destruction and their rise to power.

What was left over in the wake was a control structure for the slow slide into chaos to ensure that every ignorant citizen 'adjusts' to the new situation. They hope you will panic and get violent, instead of working with others to find or build new resources, new infrastructure, and local security in financial and physical ways. Your self-sufficiency challenges their control and power. So. Can't have that. Football, mortgages, dead end jobs, dancing, singing, and celebraties are instead promoted as higher priorities for you. Go find a job they say. This is more important for you to be doing than creating a business or manufacturing something. You see, the solution lies in building & creating new wealth, new self-sufficiency at all levels and they won't have a compliant sheeple US if you are encouraged to do that.

If you have nothing to fall back on. If you don't produce something real. Your uncertainty makes you predictable and controllable. If you don't have 3 years of community food storage. If all of your security is rolled into a centralized federal structure. If all of your population has been removed from farmable land or does not produce on it. If you can't obtain viable seed or if you are trapped by bio-engineered livestock, seed, or excessive management practices & processes. If all of your physical resources are tied up in environmental red-tape unaccessable. If all of your funding is doled out to you through centralized international or national banks from whom you must beg for survival....Central Banking Warfare Model....the tapeworm extraction process, well, then you will never recover. You will continue to be drained away until you don't exist because you are owned by those who chose to be aware and who participated in manipulating the new system to their own ends...a system that will never benefit the people.

Sleep sheep. Sleep. Corporate Feudalism.  It's good for you. And better for Them.

Don't listen.  You might learn something.

William Pawelec Interview

William Pawelec & Governance Thru Corporations

Mr. William Pawelec, who is no longer gracing the living, was a U.S. Air Force computer operations and programming specialist with numerous credentials in security technologies and access control systems.

He gave an interesting interview with Dr. Greer prior to the 2001 National Press Club Disclosure event and asked that it not be released until after his death.

An Annonymous poster commented in regards to Mr Pawelec's interview:  A larger organizational structure was required to ramp-up our exposure to the inevitability of "contact". The assessment collapsed major governments and budgets into a larger working group. National governments are a myth and will fade after formal contact is made.  AVCs are an older term and the need for the chips, was to track our personnel from theirs. It's become a final passport, with encryption that's absolutely trackable based on access contact, where the implant's encryption is updated. A user log can then be pattern referenced for consistency.


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    Avid Rationalist 7 years ago

    You express very well many of the same views I have about the sell out of the country to global and corporate interests. The era of the nation-state is coming to an end and the global corporate state is beginning. I made one submission on this topic which I would appreciate your thoughts about.