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‘Water Management’ – An Important Lesson a Society Has to Learn

Updated on August 19, 2015

Water is truly one of the key necessities to live on this globe besides food and air. We may survive without food but it is impossible to live in absence of water. We need water in each and every sense of daily life, for instance while brushing, making food, taking bath and even while drinking alcohol. But the question is do we really care it as we do for precious metals like Gold, Silver and Diamond. “Of course NOT” and that is why Water Management is an important lesson to learn and apply in life.


Rainfall Everywhere

Recently heavy rainfall was registered in many parts of the world whether it is China, Taiwan, Myanmar or India. Water, water and water everywhere. Infrastructure has been damaged by the cyclones, relief operations were on to save lives, relief funds were also announced but the concept of storing water was completely wiped out, and what would be the result - scarcity of water in summer.

Cause of Concern

Lacks of awareness in general public and respective government’s antipathetic are two main reasons to worry and because of this business of water has been flourished with the amount of turnover in billions of dollar and the number is growing day by day. The situation indirectly suggests that poorest people will suffer a lot going forward.

This precious commodity (water) is already under pressures and with the ever growing populations, economies demand more of it, so the message clearly is "Save Water, Save Earth and Save Life"


Do you save rain water?

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Noted Examples of How to overcome this Situation

  • When it comes to storing rainfall water, one has to remind the streets of Ahmedabad (a famous city of the state of Gujarat, India) where people still store the rain water in underground tank and use it frequently (the concept is already listed under Heritage category). It is advisable to the architecture of all over the world to visit the city and aware rest of the world about this concept.
  • Rainwater harvesting system can provide great help, where water is collected from roof, filters off leaves as well as other debris and comprises it in storage tank.
  • Rain Barrels and Cisterns are used in developed countries to store water.


With the growing uncertainties of global climate change and global worming effect the decision making process is getting stretched, so I think it is the responsibility of the society to think on this serious issue.

© 2015 Vishal Dalwadi


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