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Water & Oil at Risk From Iran

Updated on August 9, 2012

As a war looms off in the near future for the Persian Gulf area because of a strike on Iran's nuclear facilities, many nations around the Gulf are quite concerned about their water and oil supply. History shows, in 1991, Saddam Hussein struck at Kuwait's desalination plants in desperation.

While oil allows all of the Arab countries to become modern entities, without water there is no food or life. Should Iran block the Strait of Hormuz, how long can the nations in that area survive? Most of the nations around the Gulf import 90% of their food and many must travel through this very narrow strait, which 35% of the world's oil travels through. Some nations, like United Arab Emirates, plans to drag glaciers from Patagonia in Chile across the ocean for fresh water should desalination plants face destruction. Qatar has spent $3 billion in building reservoirs so its country can have enough water for a week. Saudi Arabia and and Qatar have even purchased farmland in the Ukraine and Argentina, while Abu Dhabi is developing 70,000 acres of farmland in the Sudan for crops. They have been storing desalinated water into undergound aquifiers. Growing food locally has proven impossible because of the high consumption of water crops require. Dubai, for example, imported over $6 billion worth in beverage and food, while U.A.E., imported 1.3 million tons of wheat for its people.

As one can quickly see, Iran's ability to cause any problems in the Strait of Hormuz is quite serious to the local nations who are Iran's neighbors. Iran's rockets pose another threat as do their mining of the Persian Gulf waters.

It's not just about oil.


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    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Well, very real for those impacted. There is a lot of desert out there!

    • UnnamedHarald profile image

      David Hunt 

      6 years ago from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

      perry, this seems like an important subject I haven't seen raised anywhere else. Good old mainstream media.

    • maxoxam41 profile image


      6 years ago from USA

      Or better should the U.S. increase the pressure aoround Iran's neck or should they consider a more diplomatic resolution of their dissenssion? Should the U.S. consider the collateral damages that will be inflicted in the eventuality of a conflict?

      As noticed on your hub, all the American carpets (United Arab Emirates, Qatar...) won't be the ones to be affected!


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