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Waves Of Hope

Updated on January 11, 2019
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Layla is a descendant of both Italian and Eastern European immigrants.

History Of Immigrant Groups In The United States

Since the beginning of this nation, people have found their search for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness on the land most known as The United States of America. Each group had their reasons, their struggles and their hopes. Their journeys add to what we have formed to day; the America that we now live in. Prejudices against immigrants is nothing new as it has been a factor since the beginning. In the 1800s the US used Irish immigrants as sources of cheap labor, today arguments such as a border wall have been introduced. What is in the future for immigrants?

19th Century
20th Century
21st Century
United Kingdom
Oher Asian/Hispanic countries
Above, are the top three groups of immigrants per each century.
Portrait of Ellis Island
Portrait of Ellis Island | Source

"Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness"- U.S. Declaration of Independence

Immigration Trends

During the 1800s waves of Western and Eastern Europeans migrated to the United States. For most of the 20th century immigrants came from the Americas (Canada, Mexico). However in most recent years trends show immigrants from central, South America and a rise in Asian immigrants. Many walking through the doors of Ellis Island in New York, New York till it closed in 1954. America's history is full of immigrants over the years, only the countries have changed. This shows the hope and excitement that so many in need see from this country. Whether they be refugees or people seeking a change. That is what America is for, an escape to a free land. After all, unless Native American, are all immigrants. Even the Pilgrims came from England. The only reason most of the population is here in the United States, is the opportunities that the United States holds.

Influential Immigrants

Immigrant Name
Birth Country
Albert Einstein
Fathered modern physics
Joseph Pulitzer
Famous Journalist
Isabelle Allende
One of the world's most read Spanish authors
Freddy Adu
At 14, youngest soccer player and scorer in Major League Soccer history
Many immigrants have shaped American society into what it is today. Take a look at all of the cool people!!!

2019 and Beyond

Current arguments use immigrants as American scapegoats for crimes and other problems. Is this the message to send? After all, America is a world influence. What happens in this country is an example to so many and sets a high prescient.

What message are we sending now? Have the border arguments and shutdowns been because of politics or prejudice. This is a very complicated issue that could swing both ways. Either way, this country needs an amicable relationship with immigration, as it has made America into what it is today. What will the future hold?

Melting Pot and Salad Bowl Theories

American culture today is a mixture of influences. After all, we are a relatively new country. For example, native African music has led to genres such as jazz, the blues and rock and roll. Another example, is the popularity of Japanese cars such as Toyota, one of the most affordable car brands. As the immigrant groups adapt, do does American culture, just like a melting pot!!

However, some niches of culture exist, contributing to the salad bowl theory. This states that cultural groups stick together. This is also true as we see communities such as Chinatown and Little Italy. Many times, this is due to a need for familiar surroundings in such a new environment. This embrace of culture comforts many people.

© 2019 Layla Solomon


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