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A Look At Ways Living Green Can Save You Money

Updated on June 23, 2008

Live Green Save The Planet And Some Money

Living green is becoming a way of life more and more everyday for more and more people. People are more aware of the danger this world is in from global warming and the green house effect. I have noticed that big companies are even adopting the living green way of doing things. Car companies are making and pushing hybrid and electric cars. Energy companies are looking in to using alternate energy sources such as wind and solar energy. TV stations are promoting green activities. Politicians are even starting to put saving the environment on their agenda. If you just look around you can see that living green is really catching on.

For most people saving the environment is enough for them to start living green. But there are still others that might just need a little more of a nudge. Well, money is always a great motivator for people to do anything so here are some ways you can save and make money by living green.

Save Money On Your Energy Bill

  1. Did you know that even though an electrical item be turned off as long as it’s plugged in it’s using energy and costing you money. Unplug all unused electrical items or use an energy efficient surge protector.
  2. Even though those energy efficient compact florescent bulbs may cost more then regular light bulbs, in the long run they can save you money. The compact florescent bulbs lasts a lot longer then regular bulbs and use less energy thus saving you money on your energy bill and keep you from paying bulbs as often.
  3. Here’s how you can save money on your energy bill with your laundry. First make sure you have a full load and wash in cold water. Cold water works just as well as hot with most laundry items. Next line dry your laundry. Line drying is more environmentally friendly and also keeps clothes from shrinking and fading and saves you money on energy.

Save Money On Gas

  1. Get some exercise and save money gas by walking to short distance destinations or riding a bike to them and longer distance destinations.
  2. Something people have been doing for years to save money on gas is carpooling. If your neighbors, friends or relatives are headed to the same place at the same time, why take more than one car? Let the person that has an automobile that can accommodate the most people if needed do the driving and every one in the auto cheap in a dollar or so. It’ll be cheaper in the long run than paying three four or five dollars to get to your destination.
  3. Public transportation may not be the most desired form of transportation, but with the high price of gas it is one of the best ways to save some money.
  4. Converting your car to run no biofuel or some other alternative fuel might cost a little now, but will save you a lot in the long run. Have you seen the price of gas?
  5. Smaller cars, as we all know, saves money on gas. I know it’s hard, but give up those gas guzzling SUVs and Hummers and keep more money in your pocket with a smaller car. Maybe even a hybrid.

Make Money Living Green

  1. Recycling not only helps keep material that’s harmful to the environment from being put in landfills, but you can also make a little money from doing. There are places all over the place that will pay you for such things as aluminum cans, scrap metal, those plastic bottles you get water and soda in and other materials.
  2. is a site that allows you to sell recyclables such as rubber, plastic, glass, paper and various scrap metals to online buyers.
  3. Places like Staples will give money for empty ink cartridges you use toward a purchase.
  4. Make money by making your own non-toxic cleaning product and sell it. It’s easy to make using everyday stuff you might already have in your home like baking soda and lemons. You can find out how to make your own non-toxic cleaning product by doing a search online.

I’m going to leave it there. This gives you a taste of how living green and saving as well as making money can go hand in hand. So if you’re one of those that needed an extra nudge to start living green I hoped this pushed you over that edge.


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    • artguy profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Columbus

      Thanks for the comment. With the high price of gas it's not only necessary to think of ways not to use gas to save the environment but also to save money.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      You offered some really sound advice here! I live in a small town so bicycling around town to run errands, visit the library, and even do some light grocery shopping is easy. Heck, we can walk the whole town in under an hour, too. I am positive this not only saves on gas, but wear and tear on the car and even oil changes.


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