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Ways To Help The World

Updated on June 12, 2017

For centuries there has been problems in the world. Sickness, war, poverty, death and so much more has plagued us for years and it seems like it won't stop bugging us any time soon. So here are a few things I believe could help the world.

Step 1, Hire People. There are thousands of people out there in the world without a job and at the time of making this article so am I. Many people go weeks maybe months without being able to get a job. Maybe it is because they don't have any experience or something along the lines of that. I personally always get declined, my applications usually get sent away and since I have little experience in many fields I get passed, someone with more experience gets the job. The point that you won't hire someone because they have no experience is ridiculous, if they do not have any give them that experience. Many people who are in desperate need of a job need one, yes I understand that sometimes there isn't enough but if they can get enough just to feed their families and keep a roof over their heads I think that should suffice.

Step 2, Higher Former Veterans To Protect Schools. I believe I saw this on Facebook awhile back and I must say this is the truth. Many veterans cannot get jobs or sometimes some bad events happen and leave them homeless, if they were able to get a job they would be able to turn their lives around. The added benefit of having a former soldier protecting the schools would also help. Maybe school shootings would stop, kids would stop getting attacked and the area would just be that much more safer.

Step 3, All Lives Matter. We are all human beings, we all share the same world even if we do share some different beliefs and feelings. The Black Lives Matter movement is one of the things promoting hate. They say Black Lives Matter yet they cannot be happy with All Lives Matter. We are coming to a point in time where it seems all genders, races, religions and sexualities are coming at one another and preparing for war. It does not matter if you are gay, black, christian, transgender or an alien from the stars all lives matter. In North America all lives matter, in Asia all lives matter, in Africa all lives matter, in Europe all lives matter, in South America all lives matter, in Australia all lives matter, in Antarctica all lives matter.

Step 4, Respect The Law. I have seen many people say how it should be against the law to have guns or what have you. The Second Amendment grants us the right to bare arms for self defense and protection against oppression. Another thing is those folks who have broken into peoples homes or attacked folk, you are not above the law. We all have to follow the law whether or not we like it, the fact that you think you can simply break the rules and be free of consequences is absurd. If one breaks the law one should know that consequences will soon follow.

Step 5, Respect Others. Many clubs or cults in the past have gone and done horrendous things to people due to their beliefs. The whole infidel thing that many in the east have been pulling is ridiculous as well. Once again we are all human beings, we may have grown up differently and have been raised differently but we all still bleed when hurt. Respect people, if you do not like them then walk away or ignore them. Death, rape and violence has happened on many occasions due to people being racist or something along the lines of that. I have met many people who were racist for no reason, it wasn't because they were wronged by someone from another race just the fact that it is how they have been grown.

Step 6, Set Down The Guns And Act Like Men. Several wars have been fought, many good men and women have lost their lives fighting in these wars. I understand many times war can become inevitable, but to draw guns out so quickly when it can simply be talked out is sad.

Conclusion: Believe me there are some better reasons as to how to help the world. These are a few of mine, I personally believe that if people stopped hating one another for stupid reasons then the world would be a much better place. If you have any thing you think would help please comment below.


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