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Ways to Donate to Charities for Free

Updated on May 29, 2013

There are number of different ways to donate to your favorite charity  even if you don't have  money to give. These ways are the following:

Volunteer for work

  • do handicrafts,
  • give consultancy services (like legal advice if you are a lawyer).

Advertise and promote your charity

  • car stickers,
  • Charity name on shirts, mugs, mouse pads, ...etc,
  • write about charities on your blog, or twitter,
  • You can also become a fan of a charity on facebook or other social networking sites.

Donate unneeded items

  • Offer clothes your kids have grown of out.

Lend objects in the event of natural catastrophy

  • shovels after a mudslide,
  • your boat at the event of a flood.

Use sites that offer free donation

Offer your discounts you receive in your mailbox

  • coupons,
  • gift cards,
  • vouchers. „Donate” button on your site/blog

You can also place the pay button of other e-currencies on your site/blog/social networking site, and below the button(s) tell visitors that all their donation goes to XY charity.

Provide extra room in your house

  • to the poor,
  • vacation accomodation for underprivilaged children,
  • Storage room.

Offer free transportation in your car if you have spare room in your car

  • For individuals in extra seats,
  • Goods in the trunk of your car.

Organise fund raising events for you charity

This would be an independent event from the fund raising events of the charity.

Cash box

If you have a business/store, you can place a cash box for change/coins.

Start a non-profit website

  • Amazon astore,
  • Membership site,
  • Blog,
  • Groups in social networking sites,
  • A microblogging account dedicated to charities only.

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