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We Are Not Created Equal

Updated on March 14, 2014

Just Because it is Politically Correct Doesn't mean it is.

Circumstances of birth , defects, gifts, talents, and more make it obvious that not everyone is created equal. Contrary to popular belief, the politically correct statement “we are all created equal” is false.

Birth Rights

The situations in which a person is born can give a great advantage in the world or make life extremely difficult. Someone who is blessed with wealthy parents who can provide the best care, housing, needs, medical and education, will have more opportunities available.

According to the Childhood Policy and Research Center, one in four children, or over six hundred million kids live in complete poverty. While middle class and upper class children are pouting about their Iphone five being taken away, other kids are dying. In fact ten million children, five years and younger, die annually, from illnesses that could actually be treated and cured (CHIP. Knowledge for Tackling Childhood Poverty).

Children exposed to poverty have lifelong effects such as learning disabilities, poor health due to malnutrition and the need to work instead of time spent acquiring an education. The majority of children raised in poverty-stricken homes will become the next generation of parents raising children in poverty. It is a cycle that pushes the boundaries to the extreme and possibly impossible to break. For instance, a child being raised on a farm, in a rural area by parents who are living below the poverty level, will most likely be trained to help with the family trade. Families must pull together to make ends meet, creating a lack of time for education, for if the child leaves to go to school, there may not be enough food on the table that evening. Another example would be The Feed The Children advertisements seen on television in third world countries. These poor souls are in the worst conditions of poverty and their daily goals are simply to survive the flies eating at their flesh and finding something, anything to eat. To say it is unlikely they will become their country’s next great leader, is ridiculous, as it is more feasible to say that they are unlikely to see adulthood. Poverty creates a struggle to simply survive proves worthy of an unequal beginning on life (CHIP.Knowledge for Tackling Childhood Poverty).

Created Equal?

Do you believe that everyone really has the same chance in life?

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The old saying that people preach to their kids, “you can be anything you want to be” is misleading to the youth. Everyone can not be anything they want to be. A little girl will never become a real, live unicorn. Humans have limitations and situations as previously described is not the only issue that can keep one from achieving their dreams. Some people are born with or acquire certain disabilities that will hinder or outright prevent them achieving their goals.

There are exceptions, with heroic stories of how people with disabilities have done great and mighty things are most definite inspiring to the rest of the world; however even they have limitations. Tim Harris, the owner of the restaurant, Tim’s Place, is a prime example of doing great things and achieving success. Tim’s success is even more impressive because he has Down Syndrome. A wonderful story about a great, inspirational young man, yet Tim still has limitations. Without his family to do a lot of the work for him, and support from his community, his dream would not have come to life. Tim was lucky to not have the poverty factor against him also. However, not every child with Down syndrome have parents that can afford medical care much less help them open a new business (Ellin. Man With Down Syndrome Runs N.M. Restaurant).

The message society should be sending the youth is that life is not fair, however with hard work and dedication great things can be achieved. To tell most schizophrenics that they can be a well-known criminal lawyer or judge would be setting them up for epic disappointment. Another example is dyslexia. Although this is one that is more common and can be overcome, it does put some at a disadvantage. A child who is dyslexic, has to study harder and much longer than others. It steals away precious time and can feed on, affecting their self-esteem.

What Makes a difference ....

Parents attention

Circumstance in which we are raised

Medical History/disabilities

God given talents


Parents are one of the most important factors in the development of physical and mental growth. Prenatal programming is how the activity in the womb affects the baby’s physical and psychological development. Besides the obvious devastating effects that occur when a neglectful mother takes drugs and/or alcohol during her pregnancy, the unborn child experiences everything the mother does, from everything she puts in her body to everything that she feels (Feist.180-181.).

Psychologists have proven that the human brain and emotional development is most critical during the early years of childhood. Environment is critical in developing the synaptic connections and neuronal growth in the brain. Pruning, takes place when the synapses that are not being used die, to help the brain achieve maximum productivity. Therefore, the attention, affection and environment the parents provide for a child will increase development or deteriorate it. So it is a valid conclusion that parents who hinder their child’s development through neglect have not given them a fair or equal beginning in life (Feist. 175.) .


Talents as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary states, “a special ability that allows someone to do something well. A person or group of people with a special ability to do something well : a talented person or group”. A very clear statement lending to additional evidence that everyone is not created equal. This quote is important because it is from a well-known and widely accepted source that clearly supports the point; everyone is not created equal. The majority of people can learn a skill but a talent is something that most people believe is God given to only a select few. Talents range but are not limited to artistic and intellectual to athletic and technical. No matter how hard a four foot, eleven inch, woman trains, if she hasn’t been blessed with the talent to play basketball she will never gain fame on a pro team like Michael Jordan has.

Some talents although seem to be a blessing, yet can also be a curse. Hyperthymesia, also known as Superior Autobiographical Memory is when a person can recall every detail of every day of their life. Marilu Henner is one of twelve people in the world known to have this; shall it be called talent? People who can remember everything about every day may have trouble with relationships, can you imagine living with a real know it all? In addition, they do not have a photographic memory and still must study to retain other information, which can be interrupted by the flooding of constant memories. This particular talent is also a curse because of the constant memories do hinder concentration on learning new things; therefore creating inequality compared to one who has no complications of a similar talent (Superior Autobiographical Memory. Informational Sites Collective.).

Kim Peek was blessed with great talent, yet inhibited by disability. Kim left his mark on the world through Dustin Hoffman’s character in “Rainman”. Kim memorized over 9,000 books by reading two pages at once, one page with his right eye and the other page with his left. Sadly, it is believed the very thing that created his extraordinary talent was his disability. Seems unjust to have such great talent and the lack of ability to use it (Memory Games. Discovery Communications.).

How do you see the world?

Copyright: Tammy Larch - Letart
Copyright: Tammy Larch - Letart | Source

Rose Colored Glasses

As a society, people try harder to stay politically correct by tossing around the phrase everyone is created equal, rather than working harder to find ways to make that statement true. It is a rather pleasant and encouraging thought to look at this subject through rose colored glasses and state that everyone is created equal, however the truth of the matter is that we are not. Some have to work harder, while others are born with special advantages. Everyone does not have the same opportunities or even abilities and too many suffer from premature death, given no fighting chance to succeed or even survive.


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    • John Holden profile image

      John Holden 

      7 years ago

      It's a shame this hub had to be written! It is so patently obvious that not everybody is born equal.

      Well OK, at the point of birth we all may be equal but from the first breath we are divided.


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