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We Are The Children Of Autumn

Updated on October 6, 2009




Spring came with Eden, a new world was born
life was abundant and free
rains of creation caressed every nation
Men grew and spread like the seas.

Summer came quickly, but stayed with the Earth
as centuries of time passed on by
Freedom was founded, men lived under God
and cities reached high to the sky.

But late in the Summer, men turned from what's right
hate reigned with a fiery brand
Wars raged everywhere, men killed without care
pollution had poisoned the land.

We are the children of Autumn
a season known most as the fall
Winter draws nigh, in it's storms earth will die
if we do not prepare one and all

Winter will come without mercy, evil will rule man, with fear
God in his wrath, will step down in its path,
and take all of his children from here.

Woe to those caught in the middle
woe to the one's left behind
they'll be wishing for death, at every breath
but the Winter will stay for all time
We are the children of Autumn
A season known most as the Fall
winter draws nigh, in its storms Earth will die
if we do not prepare one and all.


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