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We Must Stand Firm in the Summer when the Government Goes All Socialist

Updated on July 3, 2012
Socialists Working to Put Out Fires and Save Lives
Socialists Working to Put Out Fires and Save Lives | Source

This summer has seen heat waves that led to power outages on the East Coast, with 2.1 million homes and businesses losing electricity. A hailstorm caused about $1 billion dollars in damage in the Dallas area. (ibid) So far, at least 17 people died from Ohio to the Carolinas due to the heat. In Baltimore, 7 people died in the heat wave and storms while more than 1,279 cities tied or beat all-time high temperature records. But let’s not get too excited and go all socialist. The first reaction is to call on the government to get involved when that would just encourage people to ask for help. We must resist that urge.

Democratic governors and others have predictably declared a state of emergency so they can create Soviet style socialist enclaves in their states. We need a state of emergency to prevent government from taking over and forcing people to sleep in air conditioned state-provided shelters and forcing them drink water and eat food, thus making them dependent on the state and increasing our deficits.

Colorado has had two of the largest, most deadly forest fires in history. Now Obama has stepped in to take over Colorado by declaring a federal state of emergency to “help out” the state so he can win Colorado in the fall presidential elections. Soon the state will be beholden to Obama and have to do his bidding. We need to step up and prevent any aid from reaching Colorado and forcing people to get help in relocating and daily life maintenance. Remember dear patriots, government is bad, all government, and helping people just makes them dependent.

What Obama should do is what Bush did when facing the disaster of Katrina. During hurricane Katrina, president Bush was loathe to take action, for he knew that the people of New Orleans and the gulf coast were better off working things out for themselves. A Democratic Congress called the reaction to Katrina “a failure of leadership.” They were clearly demonstrating their lack of understanding of laissez faire government. Along with pressure from the liberal media, Congress forced Bush to attempt to help the people of New Orleans. It was clear that Bush’s heart wasn’t up to the unsound spending in Louisiana, but he was powerless in the wake of liberal criticism.

There are horrifying examples where the government made things work.

The government continues to interfere with peoples' health by helping eradicating diseases and preventing illnesses with vaccines. How dare the government force the vaccine down people’s throats to save lives. While they save lives, vaccines aren’t perfect, and thus, we shouldn’t use them at all. Plus, making them available is like forcing people to eat broccoli.

Seat belt laws, helmet laws, the FAA, and other transportation regulations take away people’s freedom of travel. The government restricts us with seat belts and helmets and airbags and leaves us stranded on tarmacs because “planes need to be inspected” to protect cowardly liberals who are afraid of going down in a fiery crash. Just because seat belts save 15,000 lives each year and $26 billion dollars in crash related health-care costs doesn’t mean we should take away the freedom of risking one's life. Those seat belts are uncomfortable, darn it! And just because helmet laws save 6,000 lives or more in a year and $394 million dollars in California alone, doesn’t mean we should mandate head gear for motorcyclists. And all those wasteful, time consuming safety inspections for airplanes just interfere with flight. It should be clear why we don’t need to waste time on those.

Unless we stand firm against government interference and regulation this summer, and forever, we may saves billions of dollars and thousands of lives, but we will lose our freedom to refuse to help others.

Tex Shelters


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    • texshelters profile image

      texshelters 5 years ago from Mesa, Arizona


      Ha ha, made me laugh! Thanks!~


    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 5 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Bravo, Tex...It is high time that the voices of our average self-absorbed American speak out in defense of those of us who have no interest whatsoever in disasters...natural or otherwise....or those effected by them.

      All of this help and assistance.....the humanitarism......that is putting us in such debt, amongst other calamities, is eroding the backbones of citizens who are perfectly capable of picking themselves up and going forward.

      Nothing justifies all this panic and declarations of National disasters. Did none of these bleeding hearts see, "Forest Gump?" Sh** happens, people!

      Having said this, I don't object to dropping down surplus Military supplies such as tents and rations. But, enough is enough.

      Thank you for your common sense and for reminding us that, in this country, our saving grace is, "Every man for himself."

      Did I get it right this time? If so, please send my application via email. Thank you....................