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We Must Take Back our Country

Updated on September 29, 2010

We Must take Back our Country

      These sick F666s just made me have a dream that un-speakable things were done to my daughter and that she was physically damaged almost beyond repair as a result thereof.  These people DID this, there is no question about it.  My ears are ringing, they are threatening me and I suppose they thought that this would be enough to push me over the edge.  It wasn't, but it IS enough for me to say that you can torture someone physically, try to break his/her spirit with torture AND if you choose to be strong, you WILL NOT BREAK.

     All I've got to say is this madness must be stopped.  It isn't about saving one socially-unacceptable male.  I can take this sort of thing every  night for the rest of my life and I won't even change the way I live.  I will do those things that offend my "trainers" with glee and in a sense, for veangence.......because living free and writing about it AT ANY AND ALL COSTS IS MY ONLY WAY TO FIGHT BACK. 

     These losers are not so tough.  i have yet to reach for a pill to bring me solace, because THIS is 1000 times as important as finding any personal relief.  They torture our children JUST LIKE THIS.  If it takes twenty years to destroy a system that uses ELECTRONIC/PSYCHOLOGICAL TERROR to control it's citizens, the ONLY thing worth doing in this country is FIGHTING THIS MENACE.  They are wrong, they are scum beyond anything I or you could ever possibly do and we must STOP THEM, even if it means we are tortured everyday.

     Now I am going to go reach for a medicinal cure to the madness this sort of unspeakable treatment was meant to bring me to the brink of.  Death to the system!!!!!  I'll be calmer in a little bit, but these "social programmers must be opposed at any cost.  To live in fear is to be a slave.  I AM NOT AFRAID AND BY GOD IT FEELS BETTER TO BE TORTURED AND SPIT BACK IN THE FACE OF OVERWHELMING OPPRESSION THAN TO DO WHAT THEY TELL ME!  We/I might not be perfect, but DOWN WITH THESE SCUMBAGS!


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