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We Need to Drug Test Wealthy Beneficiaries of Government Subsidies and Contracts

Updated on May 22, 2015
Drug testing welfare recipients has proved to be a controversial practice.
Drug testing welfare recipients has proved to be a controversial practice. | Source

The Rich Get More Government Handouts Than We Think.

Conservative state governors have made numerous headlines this year for trying to crack down on alleged abuses of government aid by the poor. These executives argue that welfare recipients should be tested for drug use and have increasing limits placed on their use of food stamps. States like Maine, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Kansas have become notorious for cracking down on the poor. Most recently, Kansas has limited the amount of cash welfare recipients can withdraw from their state aid debit cards to $25 per day, reports The Washington Post.

While some of these restrictions do not seem outrageous, the problem is the hypocrisy of demanding that the poor fully account for their state dollars while the rich can spend freely. Nobody is arguing that anyone should be allowed to cheat the welfare system. Nobody is advocating that drug addicts be freely given state aid. Nobody is arguing that welfare recipients should be allowed to "cash out" their monthly benefits and go on shopping sprees. But, if we do want to reduce wasteful welfare spending, why not focus on dollars going to the other end of the socioeconomic spectrum?

We need to drug test wealthy beneficiaries of tax credits, government contracts, publicly-funded subsidies, and preferential scholarships and tuition rates at public colleges and universities. We need to put limits on purchases that wealthy business owners can make with government money. Preventing frivolous spending of government money is, after all, very important. It is imperative to make sure that wealthy Americans are not subsidizing their purchase of frivolous luxuries on the backs of the taxpayers. If government money is subsidizing their business operations, we must make sure that their own money is not simply being shifted to buying personal luxuries.

If you are making profits from government contracts, you should be buying healthy food instead of junk food. You should only be able to withdraw limited amounts of cash from those funds daily, lest you be tempted to buy drugs or go on splurges at the mall. Frequent reports should be mandatory to ensure that you account for how the government money is being used.

We must be vigilant in assuring the public that their hard-earned tax dollars are not being wasted. If a rich kid gets a scholarship to a public university, his or her academic excellence or athletic skill no doubt assisted by ample family resources, efforts must be made to ensure that the family money, not having to be spent on the full cost of tuition, is being used frivolously. Why should tax dollars that subsidize rich kids' college tuition allow their parents to buy fancy computers, designer clothes, and new cars?

And then there is the concern of illegal drugs. If you get government contracts or subsidies, you should have to pee in a cup. We wouldn't want to be freeing up anyone's money to buy illegal substances, right?

Imagine, the wealthy men and women being told to go into the restroom and pee in a cup in order to finalize their government contract or get their tax credits? Absurd! We would never allow it. It would be an insult to human dignity, and downright offensive!

Food for thought?


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