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We The People....They Underestimated Us - Tea Party Video 2009 By Teen

Updated on August 30, 2009

Is This A Contender For Patriot Video Of The Year?

I just recieved a very remarkable video in my email. The video itself is a little outdated as it was originally designed for a tea party which took place back on Tax Day, April 15 2009. However when I watched it, I found that it encompassed much more than just a simple regional tea party.

It embodied the resounding message which ALL the Tea Parties are demonstratably about. It is about the Resolve of the People of the United States of America. It is about our past and our present. It is about how the lessons we learned over the history of this nation have empowered us to speak today. That to speak is more than to protest but that to speak is a duty owed to the preservation of freedom. That we have been underestimated as a people many times. And it carries a warning and a request that Congress not underestimate We The People today.

It is not only a remarkable and inspirational video in itself with its bold images from our past and a musical score which truly matches the power, intent, resolve, and uncertain outcome of our present tribulation, but it is also remarkable due to the individual who created it. The video was conceptualized, designed, and drafted by a teenager in High School. His name is Justin Holcomb. According to the email I recieved from a friend about it, the boy's mother asked her son to help her create a commercial for the tea party she was involved with organizing.

She said, "I asked Justin if he could help me make a commercial for my group's Tea Party. He sat down at the laptop for about an hour, and then brought this to me and asked ' is this okay Mom?' After I finished watching it, my stomach was in my throat. Everyone that I have sent it to has really enjoyed it, so I wanted my friends to see it, I am so proud".

My friend Douglas described it in the following way, "A very Powerful video, turn up the sound and sit back....!!!! GUARANTEED GOOSE BUMPS....."

I wholly agree with them. The video is incredibly powerful. It connects us to the present day events in this country directly through the perceptions of the people in our past and carries its message forward into our future. It lends energy and vitality to the communication Americans Will Always Fight For Liberty.

The Video: TeaPartyCommercial.wmv

If this doesn't work, copy the below link below and use it:

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  • graceomalley profile image

    graceomalley 7 years ago

    Amazing video.

  • profile image

    Clay Ramsay 8 years ago

    The Tea Parties are great, and this video is a wonderful contribution.

    Here is a great new Tea Party/Liberty video called WE THE PEOPLE.

    See what you think and pass it on.