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We are all slaves and there is no freedom - PART 4

Updated on October 25, 2016

A proposal for a New Politico-Economic System

Past and Present Enslavement – Historical Facts

….continued from PART 3


It is incredible how the establishment brainwashes us in directions which are designed to ensure the perpetuation of their own trouble free existence.

What may be the remains of King Richard III appears to have been found recently under a car park near where the battle of Bosworth took place. A ‘Mail-Online’ journalist wrote a passionate article about how Richard III should be buried with honours as the last Plantagenet king and therefore “the last truly English king” to have ruled England. He was making the point that monarchs after the Plantagenet family were not really of English blood, referring of course to the Welsh/French origins of the Tudors and the German/German origins of the current monarch.

But was the Plantagenet line of English blood? Regrettably it was not - and the falsification of history for the masses continues unabated.

The first Plantagenet king of England was Henry II who was the Count of Anjou, Count of Maine, Duke of Normandy, Duke of Aquitaine (by marriage) and Count of Nantes. He was born in Le Mans, France of French parents. His wife was Eleanor, the daughter of the Duke of Aquitaine, born in France and an ex queen of France (her marriage to the French king was annulled), a Duchess in her own right. She was also born in France of French parents.

Neither the royal couple nor their children spoke English and, in fairness to other migrants, they were as English as a first generation Pakistani chapatti bakers in Golders Green are English.

Their most famous child is King Richard I, better known as Richard the Lion Heart, who lived in France under the protection of the king of France from Age 14. At the insistence of his mother, he was given her family title of Duke of Aquitaine at age 16, where he resided. He became king of England in 1189 and remained so for ten years until his death, but during this period he spent less than eight months in England. He never learned to speak English.

We are all brainwashed by historians, poets and playwrights whose very existence depended on their ability to manipulate history to suit the preference of whatever monarch they served at the time. Who among us has not watched at least one Robin Hood movie version and saw the Plantagenet “English” King Richard the Lion Heart, walk on the set and save the day for Robin Hood? No doubt you see my point.

The bloody Hundred Years' War was a series of conflicts waged from 1337 to 1453 between Frenchmen using the plebs of England and France to fight for the conflicting financial interests of their masters. There was nothing patriotic about the whole hundred year bloodshed other than the spin used by the kings of both countries to convince their subjects to die for them.

We were the slaves of these people then, we are the slaves of their bankers now and they are trying to enslave our children through falsification of history, even through children’s stories. The following is from a website purporting to teach children history:

“Since the time of Edward the Confessor in the 1000s AD, the kings of England had been getting more and more powerful. That was pretty much okay as long as the kings were good kings, like William the Conqueror”.

In other words, our children are taught that a bloody butcher like William the Conqueror was a good king!


When anything is profusely praised by the establishment and its lackeys, be very careful and look into it with the greatest reservations.

Therefore, when LORD Denning describes the Magna Carta as "the greatest constitutional document of all times – the foundation of the freedom of the individual against the arbitrary authority of the despot", then read the document again carefully. If you have read the previous articles in this series, would it surprise you to read that a LORD Woolf described the Magna Carta as "the first of a series of instruments that now are recognised as having a special constitutional status" ?

This document is more or less presented to the plebs as if it had been drafted by gifted liberals who favoured a political philosophy of progress and reform and the protection of civil liberties, for the benefit of the plebs.

Considering that the Romans had something similar, the truth is that the Magna Carta was very simply a document designed to EXCLUSIVELY protect the rights of the Barons who drafted it, from the greed of the monarch. It was not intended to protect the people at large because the Barons did not give a fig for the people at large. It is the self-serving document that a lawyer can draft to protect his clients in a dispute.

Brainwashing begins early. The following is an extract from the same website referred to above, purporting to teach history to children:

“King John ……. first he lost almost all of the English land in France (sic). Then he made everyone who owned land in England pay extra taxes…. So the rich men of England - the earls, the dukes, and the counts - decided to try to get back some of the power from the king. They wrote a letter (Latin "carta") saying that everyone (sic) in England would have certain rights …. “

We were the slaves of these people then, we are now the slaves of their bankers and they are trying to ensure the future enslavement of our children.


I could go on for ever, but I think that the point has been made.

Part 5 will be titled:

A proposal for a New Politico-Economic System

An interesting read:


SilverGenes on a similar subject:


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    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 5 years ago from UK

      Virtually Bored

      I shall search for what you have recommended, but I want first to underline how much I agree with you about how we are all connected and we all need to look out for each other. Well done for this comment and thank you for contributing so positively ;-)

    • profile image

      Virtually Bored 5 years ago from Ireland

      De Greek, it's not that I'm brave at all. It's the fact that I recognise we're all being taken for a ride here. There is an interesting piece of work, available on youtube called "The Esoteric Agenda". It's a good starting point for people in a quest for the truth. I'm eight years trying to re-educate myself. Never before was JFK's secrecy speech more applicable. Even more so then when he made the speach. Google it if you haven't heard it. There are non so ignorant, or more dangerous, than those who make up their minds, before hearing all the facts. We're all connected and we all need to look out for each other and the best way to do that, is through "RE-education" and the truth, which is why whistleblowers are such a threat. So, keep doing what you're doing.

    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 5 years ago from UK

      We are fortunate that some historians are finally becoming independent and brave enough to tell us the truth. Living a lie just because it is convenient is not my own 'cup of tea' ;-))

      Professor of History at Cambridge University David Raynolds is just such a historian and you might find him useful.

    • Shadesbreath profile image

      Shadesbreath 5 years ago from California

      You know, as an American, and a fantasy author, I am trying to enjoy the stories of my youth and the awesome history of tea-drinking redcoats calmly facing all perils with a "My heavens, it seems we're under siege again, Mi'Lord," born of an even cooler history of steel-plated bad-asses jousting their way to global domination.

      Don't take that from me. It won't change the facts or the trajectory of the world, but it will make me cry. I don't want to root for the French, or declare the Ottoman Empire the better one. I think it's better to build upon a foundation rather than constantly tearing the house down. There is no "right" history anyway. My country is poisoned with self-loathing and has spent the last several decades hating itself and injecting hatred of itself into its dogma. It's sad to watch.

    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 5 years ago from UK

      SilverGenes - I hope that you will not be disappointed ;-)))

    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 5 years ago from UK

      SilentReed - money coming up soon ;-)

    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 5 years ago from UK

      drbj the solution is so very simple that the rulers will ignore it, as it does away with them. I hope that it will meet with your approval ;-)

    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 5 years ago from UK

      Virtually Bored - You are a brave person to come out with such support ;-))) - A lot of my friends have decided to keep very quiet in this instance.

      I hope that you will find my proposal reasonable when I finally publish it in a couple of days ;-)

    • profile image

      SilverGenes 5 years ago

      Me, too! If we can come up with a viable new economic system that works for people instead of the banks, then we solve a lot of other problems along with it. So now there are three pairs of ears eagerly awaiting :)

    • SilentReed profile image

      SilentReed 5 years ago from Philippines

      That makes two pair of ears. :) Like Cuba Gooding in the Jerry maguire movie..."show me the money." :)

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 5 years ago from south Florida

      OK, dimi, you have my attention with the first four fascinating and well-written parts of your series. Now tell me the solution - what is your proposal for a new economic system? I am all ears. Promise.

    • profile image

      Virtually Bored 5 years ago from Ireland

      Excellent piece. I'm literally re-educating myself because I've recognised that we're all slaves to the system. Playing a game you can never win. Now, it would be very interesting to learn from you about our "strawman" as you reference Lord Denning, the Marna Carta and legal protections. We're all Greek now, I keep saying it. Write more, share the knowledge. Well done,