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We Can No Longer Live Up To The Ideals Of Emma Lazarus...

Updated on June 27, 2020

We Can No longer Live Up To The Ideals Of Emma Lazarus….

Last week, a Los Angeles official bemoaned the fact that the City of Angels spent over $1billion the previous year providing services for illegal aliens. This was not some Right Wing pundit making us privy to this information – perhaps, it is why you probably have not heard or saw this news elsewhere because of the objectivity of the official, and moreover, that said largess gives credence to those of us who want to control the border. There are those who immediately mark you with the scarlet letter of intolerance and hatred simply for saying that America’s border issues must be addressed. And notwithstanding my being here legally, I have in the past been reluctant to opine on the immigration issue as much as I would have like because I too would have done virtually anything, like many of my south of the border brethren, to be here. But when I address the illegal immigration issue, it is not out of hatred, but out of the fact that we do not have the financial means of supporting an open border, notwithstanding Emma Lazarus’ famous poem emblazoned on our cherished Statue of Liberty.

Those of us who have studied American history must objectively recognize that is it a land of Immigrants and many of us are familiar with the poem on our Statue of Liberty, which basically succinctly and poetically pay homage to the indelible relationship between immigrants and America. Emma Lazarus waxed… among other couplets… “Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free….” Ironically, the title of Lazarus’ poem was “The New Colossus” because it was an era when the country could obviously afford immigrants to supply the needed labor for the Industrial Revolution. This is a new fiscally responsible era, and as a consequence, we can no longer afford these allocations. The monies allocated to support illegal immigrants are one of the salient reasons why California is such an economic basket case… she is simply the sickest man among the states. It is the gargantuan elephant in the room and no one wants to address this issue for fearing being deemed a racist – perhaps, we could enact the same immigration laws Mexico have enacted to prevent its neighbors from coming into her shores; her immigration laws are draconian compare to America’s.

Any State that attempts to address this immigration issue and enacts legislation like what was enacted in Arizona has partially done so because it is in arrears for providing necessities for illegal aliens. Such states then have the right to pass on the bills to the Federal government because these arrears are tantamount to “Unfunded Mandates” placed upon the states by the feds who refused to have effective border policies… preventing the flow of illegal aliens. New Jersey, Texas, New York… are all states that will be facing these Unfunded Mandates and the bills coming due will be larger than the one borne last year by the City of Los Angeles. I have always thought that God himself had to seal Noah’s Ark because the master builder, after hearing the cries, would have been moved by compassion to let others in when the deluge came. We no longer have the means of replenishing the trough… no matter if we have the noble humane sentiments of Emma Lazarus… maybe the new economic colossus, China, can take up the mantle.


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