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We can all make a difference in our society if we only try.

Updated on March 11, 2012
Pyramid of Khafre at Giza, Egypt.
Pyramid of Khafre at Giza, Egypt.

What's encouraging me to learn is knowing that I know enough to know that I don't know.

One of our duties as concern citizens is being able to recognize societal issues and create new hypothesis through logical reasoning to help solves these problems. One does not necessarily need an honorary degree to contribute to society; all that is needed is good faith, courage and the willingness to change the world for the better of all people. I have certainly tried and with your educational background together we can definitely improve the way politic has been portrayed in this country. I’m sure you’ve heard Michelle Obama and the president called for all of us to make a difference. Well, you can certainly help change this country's crouse of action, because if they is one thing that is needed most in this society, is an overhaul change of the current system.

Our president Barack Obama has so far tried to be a good leader. We can definitely help him improve by directing his actions into positive result that can benefit all Americans. Although Barack Obama maybe trying diligently to change this country for the benefit of all its citizens, without our help, his authority is limited. It is us that can help push his health care plan, it's us that can support his immigration bill, and it is only us that can stop the war in Afghanistan. It is only when we choose not to participate that the reverse of progress is possible. So in that sense, without our support he can't be a successful president. Bellow, you'll find some of those hypotheses that I have developed in order to better tackle current social issues.

I send you musical greetings from the inner space of my mind to your melodically tranquil inner space and may our inner space duet blend beautifully with the symphony of the universal orchestration.

  1. One of our biggest obstacles that prevent progress of human beings is “doubt” because when it comes to making decision we very often starves confidence and feed doubt.
  2. It is the urge for us to compete with each other that is restraining us from developing a more sustainable society where everyone needs could easily obtain.
  3. We chose not to consider the cause of our problems for the benefit of maximizing profit. We rather place someone who steals in prison, instead of asking why this person stole to begin with.
  4. As new technologies continue to evolve, new jobs will be created while some of our old jobs will be discontinued. We can't afford to hold the future hostage for the purpose of holding on to jobs that machines are able to replace. We should then train the future generation to be more technology oriented so that they’re able to fix these machines.
  5. The ability to create is the gift that out stands the intellectual superiority that us mankind possess over all other species. Although this intelligence is clearly an advantage to humanity, it can also be a disadvantage when guided by greed.
  6. Greed is the pollutant in fossil fuel that creates greenhouse gases.
  7. The value we place onto a politician private life has a direct relationship towards the way he governs his office.
  8. Politic is the process by which people form decisions, but those decisions derived from information gathered. However, not every piece of information relates to politics.
  9. The fight to preserve free press is our Civil Right, but the right for the media to invade our private lives is an attack on our Civil Right.
  10. Perpetual debt is the process by which our ability to produce are over whelmed by our cyclical consumption.
  11. Remember that success equals happiness therefore, it does not matter how many friends you have or how big is your bank account, if you’re not happy - you haven't succeed.

Thinking is the quest to know what’s here about; it is our own assessment, our own interpretation of life. Although our thoughts maybe limited by true knowledge, through thinking it’s possible that we can explore new dimensions and thereby surpass this limitation.

It is only by keeping a war that certain transactions can be possible. War in a sense is an opportunity for some business to prosper.

  1. If bad thoughts releases toxin to the body tempo than bad thoughts must facilitates the aging process of the body. We should then all become a fireman waiting with our fire extinguishers to extinguish every bad thought that seek entry into our minds.
  2. Bailout creates codependency, because by bailing companies out, we’ve created a codependency between companies and American tax payer’s money.
  3. It is the result of our trade deficit that will determine whether or not we can sustain the waves of this economic Tsunami.
  4. A country that does not produce cannot possibly gain because without productivity there are no activities.
  5. If the banks are the economic engine of the world than money is the fuel that makes them run, thus if we don’t fuel them it becomes harder for us to go from one point to the next.
  6. Had we allowed the Banks to fail; it would have created a wave that is so catastrophic that it would have made Tsunami looks like a good day for surfers. We shouldn’t be so quick to give up on the banking system without a constructive solution that can lead our future into better days.
  7. Inflation is directly related to a person income. As long as more money is being printed while our income remains the same, we’ve been inflated.
  8. Employees are assets to a company; their skills are like anchors of chains that hold a boat (a company) steady, without them, the boat the company won’t stay still, their market shares would fluctuate like a traffic light.
  9. Throughout the years, men kinds have used many layers of traditional and nontraditional beliefs to cover and hide the “ultimate truth”. All mankind is either subconsciously or consciously searching for this “truth” and until they find it, they will never have an inward peace.
  10. Societal truth is buried within individuals unconscious mind, to arrived to it, layers of traditional thinking must be removed one after another until individuals can begins to formalized their own thoughts without it being influenced.
  11. Knowledge is limitless the only thing that is limited in knowledge is your inability to access it.
  12. I am a metaphysical miner, and I search for spiritual gold within consciousness, in plain sight, without the walls of religion, using a laser beam of thought, I probed deep into consciousness, where I feel there is a vast treasure waiting to be found.
  13. We are a compound idea of all the ideas that we have accepted in our minds through the years. So when you look at us, you do not see who we are because we are invisible to the eye. In order to see our identity, you must contemplate us and not just look at the housing.
  14. We are like trees with our roots planted deep in the soil of inner growth, with our boughs gently moving with the winds of time.
  15. Unity is what gives birth to change, without it they can be no change.

A president first term in office is always a campaigning term, therefore those who support and believe in him should start canvassing now.

  1. The meaning of life lies within individual struggle, I believe that everyone had to struggle, even those who were born with a silver spoon in their mouths.
  2. Mothers are like trees, depending on the soil that nourished their branches, dictates the livelihood of their leaves. So for that, I say happy mother's day to all mothers in the world.
  3. We should not fart higher than our noses can smell because by doing that, we have miscalculated our chances to succeed in our endeavors.
  4. Mistakes are that which we learn from. Those who are afraid to be wrong are also afraid to be right, because their fear of being wrong will always prevent them from noticing the mistakes which could have help them improve their imperfection.
  5. People of different races, cannot say because I belong to this race of people, I am a quality person. Race has nothing to do with the quality of the individual. Money does not beget quality; it only begets that which is material. The so called beauty of the physical form does not mean you have quality. Therefore, True quality is mental and spiritual and can only be evaluated from that stand point.
  6. We live in a world of appearances created by the human mind, which uses the material senses as its instrument of perception.
  7. If you are what you eat than what you're not is what you don't eat.
  8. We are truly a chain of individual thoughts that comprised many ideas. What separates us from each other is hate or fear.
  9. Knowledge is like a slip knot with our minds caught between it, to release our minds to consciousness, we must know which end of the slip knot represent enlightenment, for puling the wrong end of the knot can lead us to pure ignorance.
  10. You see me, I am the son of suffering, and I have eaten bread with sugar water. You can’t tease me with your spoon of wealth and expect me to compromise my values for a chance to succeed in life. We should accept all people as they wish to be accepted.
  11. Like Mumia Abu- Jamal, my mind wondered through the infinite space in time, crossing all dimensions, looking for a place where my soul can be free at last.
  12. I am a hydrogen atom; I react with all chemical composition. I create life, I destroy life and I help sustain life. Without me the planet does not exist and yet every day you drink me without given any regard of my being. How a hypocrite can you be. Next time you drink me, look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself - what do you really know about me.
  13. We do not see with our eyes but with our minds - because ninety percent of what we see is influence by our minds - therefore, our minds are the tunnel that leads our eyes to clarity.
  14. If pollutions are the cancers of the world than us humans are the viruses that causes them.
  15. The infinite space for thoughts is the mind, in order to explore all its dimensions we must always used and elevated thought, for anything less will stop the elevation.
  16. You can not look at the form of someone and know who they are. The only way to know a person is through their conveying to you the many ideas that comprise their identity.
  17. Life is like a sugar cane - you have to peel off the hard skin to taste it sweetness.
  18. Knowledge is limitless the only thing that is limited in knowledge is your inability to access it.
  19. Love is that which dissolves all mental barriers in thought between people. When I see the people questioning president Obama’s courtesy to President Chavez, I wondered if they realize that the key to world communication begins with hand shakes.

Love is not a metaphor it’s a feeling therefore it cannot be denoted to be represented by nothing else but emotions.

As long as Africa is divided between different nations, she will always be a prostitute for empires to pimp.

  1. We are imperfect beings having a loving experience, the result of our relationship will depends on how we balance our imperfection with our values.
  2. Marriage is a right not a privilege, a right that should be granted to all people.
  3. Gay, straights, bisexuals, transsexuals all add significants to human existence. Since society is not stagnant, we can't expect our values to be.
  4. I believed as a society we need to open our minds to ideas that bond us as opposed to ideas that divides us.
  5. A fight is a fight and it must start somewhere, it's much easier to lose a fight by giving up than to stay fighting.
  6. The ability to reason is what makes us human, so when they asked us not to think, they’re treating us like animals.
  7. A nuclear Iran is more dangerous without bilateral talk than it is when we’re communicating.
  8. When the loads are that heavy only minuscule steps can prevent them from falling.
  9. If campaigning to elect Barack Obama was the stepping stone than keeping him In check should only be the plateau.
  10. Those who carry out actions without the people’s approval were never president but instead dictators.
  11. Since a president secret weapon are his cabinet members then the secret of his cabinet can also be used as a deterrent to alter his dedication for change.
  12. It’s only when a man is faced with temptation can you truly know his faith.
  13. Our participation to make our voice heard should never depend on a single particular leader.
  14. The judgment we place on others is based on the reflection of our moral principles.
  15. Who denounced the thief caught him but he who safeguard the accomplices from being pronounced, is as guilty as the thief who commited the scheme.
  16. As a society, we often shift our opinions in favor of popular thinking without further analysis on our own account.
  17. Having the capacity to acknowledge our mistakes and make appropriate measure to change them is what civilized nations do, which is a goal that can only be achieved by way of communication.
  18. We must become the planet servant; working to satisfied her needs, and be hopeful for having a place to stay for she's the only living organism who truly has the power to erase us from her belly.


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