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No need for feminism

Updated on January 19, 2015

What is feminism?

Feminism by definition is: the advocacy of women's to be equal to men in the political, social, and economic spectrum.

Feminism in America started to get big when the suffrage movement happened and eventually succeeded. Throughout the years it has progressed to focus on other issues related to women and women's equality.

Women have made a lot of strides towards gaining equality to men and for the most part they have gained equality. The problems women face in the United States are still present but are to a much lower extent compared to the level of the problem for some women in other countries.

There is still sexism for both sexes found in society, today, but there are better steps to get rid of it than through feminism.

Much of feminism is good

Women deserve to be paid equally along with men for the same work, to be protected under the law equally, given the same opportunities to succeed, and not subjected to stereotypes. I believe that we should be promoting equality for women and for men.

But, the problem is right there. The focus is too often on simply women when the problem goes to both genders and to all groups of people. I want to focus on the people in general and not specifically fight for one group when I could be advocating for every group of people.

Let's include everyone

Feminism is the focus on equality for women. In my opinion, we, as a society and world, should be aiming to improve equality between all different types and groups of people. By focusing on one group of people, we are taking away the ability to focus on many different issues that plague groups of people..

Feminism can be a way groups of people that would normally work together are divided. I don't feel like fighting for the women's right exclusively movement because I don't to have a narrow focus. I want to focus on the human rights in general. That doesn't mean I want to exclude the fight for women's equality, but merely incorporate it into a broader idea and movement that focuses on gaining equality for everyone.

Instead of having a separate movement for feminism, it can be included in the more inclusive movement to promote the rights of all different kinds of people everywhere.

My vision

Feminism should be incorporated into the bigger humanist group. A group that fights for equality wherever it is lacking.

Instead of putting much of the focus on women issues in the United States, the fight can taken abroad to nations who treat their women as subservient to men. Such as places where women are forced to wear burkas, not allowed to read, forced to be subservient to men, or simply have equally political and social footing in society. It's more imperative to advocate for equality in these nations because many other issues can be cured in those nations if women's right are fought for.

By focusing on human rights, in general, the focus becomes less about the betterment of women, but the betterment of all people. And people who are in different groups. One of these groups are deaf people and the promotion of them having the ability to have more adequate schools and early intervention that works with them to give the ability to succeed. To me, this movement is just as important as women's right in our present age.

There's a plethora of other things that are current issues that we need to work towards improving. By diversifying the groups that are being advocated for, we, as a human race, can work towards improving the lives of every person we can and make our earth as great of a place as it could potentially be.

Stereotypes effect all groups of people

One of the components of feminism is the work towards ending stereotypes about women being weaker than men, having to be feminine, etc. etc

I would venture to say that every single group of people is subject to some kind of stereotype that can be both positive or negative. Although, I would say they are almost all negative because even with positive stereotypes, expectations are breed from them. And positive expectations can lead to looking down on those people that down fill the particular stereotype.

We should be working to eliminate all kinds of stereotypes because they are inherently wrong. They are based on making assumptions about a group of people by simply assuming they are a certain away because they are part of the group.

By working to look for and eliminate these various stereotypes, we can work towards the message of people be judged by their actions and not the superficial things that seemingly divide us.

That should be a focus of feminists and humanists alike.


This movement can be both good and bad.

It's good that people are bringing up the problems that exist with feminism and exploring new ways to further their causes in more positive ways than some feminists try to do.

But it can also be bad because of the negative aspect of division it can cause. And also the confusion of people it can cause as well. The confusion from not knowing which side to take.

Being on the side of humans in general is a better way to be on the side of every kind of people and every good cause. Everyone should be able to get behind things like gay rights, combating the racial disparity in drug arrests, and fighting stereotypes that negatively effect groups of people.

All people should have:

  • The right to learn
  • The right of self-determination
  • Equality under the law


I submit that we should come together as one group and call us all humanists. Simply because everyone is human and should be treated well. No group of people should be treated worse than another. They should all have equal protection under the law. This much should be obvious to anyone that supports basic rights for their fellow human beings.

Whether they are Muslim, white, Indian, woman, or some other group, they should have basic human rights that should be protected and promoted by their country and by the world.

These aren't the only things, but only a short list of some of the things the all people should have. The humanist movement, in my vision, is one that doesn't focus on promoting these things for any one particular groups of people, but for all groups of people. Fighting for women should be of the same priority as fighting for men, or any group of people.

Hopefully, no one starts promoting an "anti-humanist" counter movement. I want to share a country with who support human rights for all people, not just themselves.

How do you feel about feminism?

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Some is good, but we can do better

Some of feminism is good and many feminists promote positive treatment of all groups of people, but it would be more effective for people to unite as one group instead of being in factions.

Many of the "factions" of humanism fight for equality, which is great, but focus on equality for their particular group, which is also great, but it could be better.

I want to see the day where advancement groups can work together to develop plans to advance all people. When the different groups get together to promote each other, they can use their collective numbers to increase the power of the plights.

Equality is only equality if it covers all people in all groups.


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    • Paladin_ profile image


      3 years ago from Michigan, USA

      I wholeheartedly agree, Thinker! I believe in humanism, which means treating all people as equally as possible.

      The shrieking, in your face, man-hating brand of feminism in which so many (male and female) now indulge is doing much to drive otherwise sympathetic people like myself in the opposite direction. Indeed, one can only hear so much blanket criticism of one's race and gender before he becomes antagonistic.

      It's deteriorated to the point now where you can't even engage in discussion or debate. The moment you disagree, you're a "woman-hater." The minute you bring up a salient point, you're instructed to "check your privilege."

      I suppose all we can actually do is just run the other way for now and wait for them to overreach and fall on their faces, as extremists ALWAYS inevitably do. Right now, as professional "victims," they have mainstream media support and sympathy. But the day will come when they'll simply go too far, their true face will be revealed, and most of their current supporters will go scrambling for cover.

      It's only a matter of time.

    • thunkfulthinker profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Ohio

      Great comment Marie. I just go around to reading it in full. Love your thoughts.

    • Marie Flint profile image

      Marie Flint 

      4 years ago from Jacksonville, Florida USA

      I pretty much felt equal in my family as a child. I viewed my mother and father as equal persons--each worked. My father was a manual laborer, and my mother partnered with her sister in a beer tavern business. Both parents often worked in the field together. We were a farming family.

      Culture is a funny thing at times. Social rules help keep order, but can also feel oppressive at times. This is especially applies on an individual level, then if enough individuals feel the same way, the feeling becomes part of a mass consciousness.

      The feeling of equality is a perception. It's not about how much money one makes or what position one holds in society. There is a wonderful children's picture book called NEVER FORGOTTEN about the slave trade of the late 1700's and early 1800's. The main character is a motherless African child raised by his blacksmith father and is captured by slave traders. The child spiritually and emotionally uplifts others aboard the ship as it travels to the Americas. Although subject to a master, the boy is fortunate to continue in his father's trade, even miles away from home. When an associate of the boy's master tells the boy that he will soon be freed because of his excellent workmanship, the boy replies, "I have always been free."

      So, spirit is what makes us free.

      True, there are circumstances in this world that belong forgotten with the Dark Ages. An example is the fear that men in the Middle East have about the sexual power of women; hence, these men feel a strong need to keep women subdued with clothing, rules, etc.

      Times are rapidly changing, but evil will continue as long as people allow it to exist. Education, communication, and cooperation inspired by vision are the tools to succeed in overcoming seeming divisions.

      Can you believe over 900 million people in our world are without safely drinkable water? People in Africa are still getting river blindness from the tse-tse fly!

      This is our planet in the 21st Century. Certainly, we can and should do better.

      Feminism? It doesn't exist in my book.


    • MikeSyrSutton profile image


      4 years ago from An uncharted galaxy

      It takes both brains and guts to think and write like you do! Thanks!


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