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We need a revolution but it won't happen yet

Updated on April 7, 2016

Update:::::.. Thanks to Panama leaks the at this moment prime lying parasite ( David Cameron) I making it clear by his actions that he will not last after the EU referendum if indeed he lasts that long. His pitiful attempts to justify what he himself has described as morally wrong TAX EVASION has come back to bite him on the arse.
His fathers scam of offshore investment companies may very well have been legitimate and within the law BUT if it was legal why hide it?
The man (Cameron) has been proven out of his own mouth to be a duplicitous lying two faced scumbag who does not deserve to be a member of parliament let alone a prime minister. How long he may hang on is up to the support of the main stream media but I am hopeful that even they will by now have had enough.

Think back if you can to 2010 when students went on the rampage in disgust at the coalitions decision to increase fees to £9,000pa in England.Many usually sociable law abiding youngsters ended up with criminal records some for just being on the street.

Most of those charged and punished were of course vilified by the main stream media who like today are staunchly right wing and willing to spin any story even if untrue to keep conservatives in power.

Since that time the conservatives have managed to wangle their way into power as an absolute government ( some say this was indeed done illegally with some 20 MPs not declaring all their expenses)

It matters not however because they are at this moment in time trampling over every human right they can and with the implementation of their "snoopers charter" are attacking anything which they believe can harm them and their dictatorial style of governance.

With the help of the compliant media they are attacking the Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn at every opportunity regardless of the truth this is of course due to the fact that under Corbyn The Labour party may even stand a chance of defeating the Conservatives come 2020.

When the Conservatives first came to power with the Liberal Democrats one of their first actions was to establish a fixed parliament of 5 years. The rhetoric used was to supply 'stability' to the country as they worked towards a financial plan long term to remove the deficit left behind by the last government.

A complete load of bull as we are all aware of now of course but that didn't stop some from voting for them again. in 2015.
How sad now to see the state of the economy as lie after lie trips like poison from the foul mouth of George Osborne He took over a debt of £890 Billion and has managed to LOWER IT to £1.6 Trillion. To put it in simpler terms he has BORROWED 3 times as much in 5 years as Labour did in 13.

Meanwhile this Conservative bunch of parasites is in the process of helping some of the worst offenders of Human Rights exterminate neighbouring countries with the sale of arms and ammunition on a scale not seen since world war 2.
At the same time they are attacking other countries such as Russia who were/are doing their best to control the CIA created ISIS in the middle east.
At home the attacks have been against the poorest and sickest within society with such things a bedroom tax and cutting ESA payments along with PIP payments.
All the while this is going on they still employ companies who have been found committing fraud the likes of G4S who made claims for prisoner tagging which did not happen but as they donate to Conservative coffers they get awarded more contracts.
There are moves afoot to convert every single school in England into an academy which as Jeremy Corbyn says is no less than asset stripping with the hand over of £billions worth of buildings and land for no money.

These are just a few of the reasons why we need a revolution a physical uprising by the people to remove the despots from Westminster. The main reason they (conservatives) attack Corbyn by the way is because he is a rare thing within Westminster an honest politician.

The thing holding back the people at the moment is a blatant attempt by David Cameron to appease his lords and masters within Brussels via a referendum on UK membership as the information pours forth out of every orifice of every cabinet minister either for or against the news agenda is set to distract from any machinations within government which could be taken as attacks on freedom of speech movement or indeed any other freedom of which there are many.
Thankfully for those of us who care about democratic accountability The fight with Junior doctors is about to escalate with Teachers considering joining them on strikes against draconian dictatorial style management.
There are even calls among many on social media for a general strike on July 4th who knows it may bring about a reason in the end for UK citizens to celebrate that day as a day of independence along with USA


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