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We the... Government? - Losing sight of our rights!

Updated on July 30, 2012

The government in the United States is being overwhelmed with political figures who think they know what's best for everyone. The problem is that these people in power don't consider everyone's side in the issues. The people whose opinions matter are the people who support them, not the people of the country as a whole.

The downfall of the United States seems to be coming rather quickly in today's world. The government is attempting to restrict most if not all of our civil and human rights. Our country's Bill of Rights and Constitution were written and put in place to protect us and now they are being stripped away. At least many political power players are trying to strip them away.

What they are trying to take

The people who are attempting to run the country are slowly chipping away at our rights that are outlines in the Bill of Rights. December 15, 1791 the first ten amendments were ratified and have not been altered since. Over 200 years ago a group of men who were establishing this country while fighting to keep the people free from British rule, laid down the frame work for what could have been the greatest, most powerful country in the world.

Reading through the issues that are being presented to committees, the House of Representatives and the Senate we see that our country is failing that group of men who so bravely built this country.

They are trying to break down our civil rights one amendment at a time. The first shining example is the first amendment. We all know that freedom of speech and press is part of that amendment but many over look the key phrase... "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..." This is the main stance for those people who support same-sex marriage. By only allowing a man and woman to be married in the eyes of the law the government is is prohibiting the free exercise of a religion or a couple's beliefs which include same-sex marriage. It is also respecting the Christian based religions by using the bible as it's basis for the decision that only a man and woman can be married.

The other hot button issue is the second amendment, the right to bear arms. According to the Bill of Rights we have the right to carry guns and that right can not be infringed upon. However, the politics powers in office are trying to restrict, if not destroy that right all together.

The truth of the matter

We, as Americans, were given civil rights and now those rights are being questioned and broken down to nothing. We were charged with keeping this country alive and now it begins to flounder in our care. 221 years ago the leaders of our government formed a country, safe guarded our people and fought for us to live in a land where you could be free, have opinions and live as you wanted. Now, we have the right speak our minds but no power to defend our rights or ourselves against our own government.

In the face of adversity our government has begun to hide from the masses and deny responsibility for the outrage. The questions being asked are not answered but rather are pond off on another party or committee. We as citizens request reasoning for responses and yet get no where. Our country could have been great, our country could have been the greatest power, our government could have been better.

We the people of the United States... The opening words to a historic document that is determined to be nothing more then an old piece of parchment with fancy writing and pretty words on it.


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