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Weak Knee Narcissism Disorder

Updated on September 29, 2017


Weak Knee Narcissism Disorder
Weak Knee Narcissism Disorder | Source

Weak Knee Narcissism Disorder or WKND - A new virus being caught by Atheletes

The conversation on this week’s news programs, aside from whether Trump lost to Bannon in Alabama’s Gubernatorial election, or whether Trump caused the devastation in Puerto Rico, focused on this new reality in which highly paid athletes now take a stand against President Trump by taking a knee during the Pledge of Allegiance. It has reached a point where entire teams now take the knee together with their teams’ owners before the Anthem and then stand once the singing begins (which, as Harvey Levin at TMZ said, “is kind of making it nothing.”) All this to augment a specious point that former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick tried to make; that the Black Lives Now movement tries to sell: That police in our country often and willingly kill innocent Black people, and for that, you kneel in shame at our flag and the symbols of our freedoms and democracy.

It became new news again when President Donald Trump criticized players who kneel during the National Anthem, and just yesterday, Spike Lee was on CNN with Don Lemon suggesting that he did not even “buy” the protests that include team owners, saying, “I wasn’t buying it because they’re forgetting why this whole thing has happened. If they want to stop, if they want to unite the players, Colin Kaepernick should have a job in the NFL!”

Spike Lee says it is a protest for employment

“I was not buying that show with the owners kneeling with the players with their arms locked up,” Lee reacted. “I wasn’t buying it because they’re forgetting why this whole thing has happened. If they want to stop, if they want to unite the players, Colin Kaepernick should have a job in the NFL!”

Spike Lee

Disease is not Treatable

So now it is not just a protest of this country that has made it possible for athletes to be super wealthy entertainers and product sponsors merely because of the actions of individual police officers, but it should be get Colin Kaepernick a job.

There is a name for this new reality - Weak Knee Narcissism Disorder (WKND), and those particularly susceptible include, muscular, professional athletes who are vastly wealthy and work only one season of the year, and often mostly on weekends.\

Read about it in Dr. Ablow's column, and why the people who have been promoting this behavior might very well be hypocrites for it. But, if Respvblica columnist Dr. Keith Ablow is right, WKND may not be treatable.

© 2017 Charlie Taylor


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    • Tim Truzy info4u profile image

      Tim Truzy 

      12 months ago from U.S.A.

      This is consistent with the political atmosphere in the nation today. Case in point: when crack cocaine was an epidemic in the 1980's, the response was to build more jails. Now, we have a crisis with opium use, the response: provide medical assistance through legislation. What's the difference?

      The best way to avoid confronting something (police brutality which is systematic throughout the nation) is to shift the focus to patriotism or turn to name calling, or saying someone must be off. This is consistent with the history of systematic injustice in society, whether the target is women, immigrants, or minorities.

      I'm glad you pointed this out to prove that history is correct. Your article is very informative. Thank you, my friend.


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