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Millionaire Heiresses

Updated on October 26, 2013
Paris Hilton at Macy's
Paris Hilton at Macy's | Source

Heiress Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton got into the news by being a party girl. She would show up for events and pose for pictures. She was out almost every night. She made news by being everywhere and having fun. She also got into a famous video that was showed around. It all made her famous in the US and elsewhere and a household name.

Paris Hilton turned it all into being useful for her own fame and business ideas. She was also in reality TV shows and different movies. She has been a guest on different late night shows.

Paris Hilton really has all sorts of businesses now. She has stores in different countries. Now she has her own perfume. She was on the David Letterman show with her perfume. He blindfolded her and had her smell different things to find her own perfume. It was quite funny. David Letterman can be quite a card. Paris is a good sport about things.

She has had different boyfriends also and gotten in the news. You can also see her with her dogs that she does carry around with her.

It is said that she did not really inherit that much money from the fortune. That is true for both sisters. It did get her started. She has her own businesses now.

She had been thinking before of getting breast implants but her grandfather talked her out of it. He told her that it was not the thing to do. She didn't really need them.

Paris is going to be in the "Bling Ring" movie about the thefts in Beverly Hills. It will be showing her house where some of the thefts occurred.

Paris Hilton


Paris Hilton Biography

Daphne Guinness


Heiress to the Guinness Fortune

Daphne Guinness is famous for being an heiress as a descendant of the man that started the Guinness business. She is also famous in her own right for being in fashion and being photographed. There are many photographers that have liked using her. She has been on the cover of different magazines. She has modeled in different fashion shows for charity purposes.

She is a beautiful woman in her own right. She has her own style that she is famous for. Also she is known for being somewhat eccentric. She has said that she does not like the word eccentric. She prefers the idea of being bohemian. That is probably more correct. Her fashion sense stands out as being different from the rest. It is also said to have inspired Lady Gaga among others.

Ms. Guinness has also been working on the business end of fashion. She has done some designing of the makeup for MAC makeup. She has done work for other fashion companies to use her ideas.

A lot of the money that she has now is from her own work. She has her fortune estimated at $100 million dollars.

Right now the latest information is that she has been seeing someone in France for a fairly long time. She was previously married to another millionaire.

She does have that poor little rich girl vibe to her. Daphne Guinness also has a look about her as if she knows things that no one else does. She does in a way with all of her money.

Daphne Guinness for MAC


Daphne Guinness at Home

Athina Onassis-de Miranda


Heiress to the Onassis Fortune

Athina Onassis was left alone when her mother died except for her father Roussel. Her mother Christine Onassis had not quite trusted the father. So he was not in charge of the money that would come to Athina later in life. She had guardians appointed to help her and to be in charge of the money until she came of age.

People wondered what would happen to her when she did come into the money. She has been married to a famous athlete that rides horses now that is from Brazil named Doda or Alvaro de Miranda. So her name now has been changed to Athina Onassis-de Miranda according to the latest news. She has moved there now to Brazil.

Athina is riding horses also. She was lately in the news for riding in a horse show jumping event.

She has been heard to say that she does not really like Greek things. Why exactly was not clear.

She was the sole heir other than the fund that was set up, to the Onassis fortune. There are estimates but people are not really sure what she is worth. The estimate is about one billion dollars. But they are not really sure if it is that much since it can be over estimated.

Her mother Christina had some hard luck and trouble sometimes with the press. There was trouble before Athina's wedding with some TV news and they decided to not let photographers near their wedding event. Her own father was not at the wedding.

Christina Yacht


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More Heirs and Heiresses

Lynsi Lavelle

Lynsi Torres, (name from second marriage) the In-N-Out Burger Heiress had wanted a divorce. She said it had to be for her to date someone else. She mentioned that it was part of the In-N-Out Burger ideals to be divorced first before dating at all.

The bottom of the cups used in the stores are supposed to have a Bible verse on the bottom. It shows the values of the company.

She has married her third husband now. So her name is now Lynsi Lavelle.

Ms. Lynsi Lavelle does not really like publicity. She does pose for publicity photos in front of the In-N-Out Burger store.

Petra Ecclestone

She is the daughter of the Formula One founder billionaire. She has a house in California and has spent a lot decorating it. They were supposed to be careful using the amount of money that they were given. So the father was a bit upset with her over spending. She has been in the news quite a bit. She has also been friends with Paris Hilton.

Right now she is expecting in 2013 and has bough diamond rattles for the baby. They are from an artist that is there in California.

Notes on Heirs and Heiresses

We can't all be wealthy. We would certainly like to be. We might do things differently. It is fun to see what these people do with their money and what happens. Maybe it will give us some ideas. Many of the founders started with nothing. Rich people can be nice or hard to deal with.

On the link here there are seven other Hollywood names that are also very rich. It is pretty surprising. I had seen part of that before. The name Dreyfus had sounded familiar.

The names are: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Anderson Cooper, Armie Hammer, Edward Norton, Chevy Chase, Balthazar Getty, and Brooke Shields. See the link for more information and where they inherited the money from.

There are other wealthy heirs and heiresses. They are all not in the spotlight or making news.


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