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Week's Biggest Loser: Josh Earnest (The White House)

Updated on December 19, 2016
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Despite initial requests from Obama for a peaceful transition of power, the chaotic cries of liberals and Democrats, who cannot seem to accept the realities of a Donald Trump Presidency, have risen to the top. With what was to be a guaranteed coronation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton resulted in a rejection at the ballot boxes. Following the highly flawed candidate's downfall, the hypocrisy of the left is now on full display. Just to name a few:

  • Causing disruptions and undermining the election's legitimacy by any means possible, Clinton, Obama, the White House, Democrats, and left leaning pundits that were just weeks ago demanding that Trump blindly accept the outcome of the vote cannot bear the results (perhaps because the desires of common Americans escapes the Liberal echo chambers of the elites and DC insiders...).
  • Demanding recounts in states, without the slightest bit of evidence to indicate voter fraud had even occurred (ironically uncovering more people voted in Detroit than possible, which overwhelmingly went Clinton, and even some additional votes for Trump in Iowa).
  • Throwing tantrums over the electoral college, which typically tends to favor Democrats (the left usually enjoys a hefty 200+ cushion going into the election) because Hillary failed to reach voters in mid-west union states that usually tilt blue.
  • Accusing the FBI of playing politics and crying foul over Director James Comey, who not long ago was their hero for clearing Hillary of any wrong doing in the mishandling of classified information, over "intention" (see how far that gets you with a cop next time you are pulled over for speeding...)
  • Obama lecturing us on the inappropriate nature of a nation trying to influence our elections (um, duh), after being caught attempting to influence Israel's last election

The list could surely continue, but let's get to the point and this week's biggest loser. While most are entirely sick of hearing about the Russian hack at this point, as the media (not news) outlets have been running the story to death for over a week now, the White House has once again jumped into the ring of partisan politics. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest (or "paid liar" as Mark Levin so indelicately puts it) is this week's biggest for further adding to the liberal frenzy.

Whether Russia tried or succeeded in breaching our government systems is debatable, but not the true issue at hand here. The left's assertions have gone from laughable to downright dangerously illogical. Here's a sampling of what they've been running with:

  • First it was that Russia hacked physical voting machines to alter the course of the election (kind of hard when a portion are paper ballots and others are not networked... hmmm...).
  • Then it was Trump's collusion with Russian hackers to push for the Wikileaks email dumps, which steered voters away from Hillary, thus altering the course of the election through bad publicity. Not only has Julian Assange of Wikileaks repeatedly insisted that the leaks were not coming from the Russian government, but the media actually ran hit pieces on Trump. Meanwhile, the hacked information on Clinton and her team were taken directly from their email accounts (not justifying it, but pretty sad the media denounces such reporting when they outright refuse to release any negative press on Hillary and outright ignore the inconvenient).

  • Now the dog pile has extended to the upper echelon of the Democratic Party, with Hillary claiming just days ago that Putin conspired with Trump to steal the election from her over a, "personal grudge." I highly doubt this is the reason she lost Rustbelt states (seriously? Not eight years of failed economic policies and the unaffordable Affordable Care Act?). Maybe someone should remind Democrats that Hillary Clinton gleefully sold 20% of our uranium stockpiles to the Russians (Perhaps that is the "grudge" she was referring to - he wanted at least 1/3...).
  • Today yet another shift in the blame game occurred, as it was assigned by Clinton's inner circle to Huma Abedin and the top aide's estranged pedophile husband, Anthony Weiner (fortunate that he has not had a "mysterious hunting accident" yet). Weiner brought further damage to Hillary's already lackluster image during the final days of her campaign, with his underaged sexting scandal and the discovery of more classified information on the family's shared laptop.

But now onto Obama (you know, our fearless "leader," who just a month ago said no sound minded person would believe Russia could hack us and influence our political system) and his administration's desperate attempts to explain away the loss and sinking ship that is the Democratic Party, along with his flat-lining legacy. Having the professional pleasure of spinning fictitious talking points for the Obama White House, Josh Earnest poured gasoline on the fire during a press conference, with some pretty astounding accusations.

Take a look at the developing White House accusations and subsequent push back from Team Trump

Here's just some of what the White House Press Secretary has declared from behind his podium:

  • “The Republican nominee for president was encouraging Russia to hack his opponent because he believed that would help his campaign... I don’t think anybody at the White House thinks it’s funny that an adversary of the United States engaged in malicious cyber-activity to destabilize our democracy.”
  • “It was obvious to everyone who was paying attention.... including the gentleman whose thumbs authored that tweet, that the impact of that malicious activity benefited the Trump campaign and hurt the Clinton campaign."
  • “That is, after all, why the president-elect called on Russia to hack Secretary Clinton’s email."
  • “That is presumably why the coverage of the hack-and-leak operation that Russia carried out was focused on emails from the Democratic Party and Clinton campaign staffers and not the Republican party and Trump campaign staffers.” (Keep in mind, unsuccessful hacks against the RNC have also been reported...)
  • “That is why, in the day leading up to election day, the Republican nominee himself was encouraging people to check out WikiLeaks. He thought it would help his campaign."
  • “And he knew that when people went to WikiLeaks, they weren’t going to find damaging information about Steve Bannon or Reince Priebus or the RNC.”


Whether Russia was involved in leaking the information to Wikileaks or not, there is absolutely no evidence to support that they altered the outcome of the election. Regardless of leftist and White House talking points, people in key battleground states did not flee Hillary Clinton over Russians hacking the election. It's time for the postmortem to be done by Democrats and the realization that Americans wanted a change. Moreover, Hillary Clinton was an unappealing, heavily flawed candidate, who offered little more than further name calling and division. Josh Earnest and the White House's highly inappropriate comments to disrupt the transition of power and spread the seeds of discontent among sore losers lands him this weeks biggest loser.

Runners up (in no particular order):

  • DC Public School Spokeswoman, Hillary Tone, for her disgusting comments, saying to get rid of white men (can you imagine the media storm if it were the other way around?!)
  • Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, for not being invited to Trump Tower, with the rest of the Silicon Valley Elites (maybe your platform should stop actively censoring free speech...)
  • Those harassing and threatening electors with violence to subvert the will of voters

What runner up has your vote?

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