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Week's Biggest Loser: Tim Kaine

Updated on December 2, 2016
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After receiving wide recognition of losing the Vice Presidential debate, and the subsequent shellacking at the polls on November 8, Senator Tim Kaine seems to have learned as much from this election as the mainstream media. Despite the disconnect between political elitists (Washington and media alike) and average Americans continuing to deepen, aspirations of fulfilling a gun control agenda once again usurped facts, as Monday's attack on Ohio State University students unfolded. Besides the inappropriate and insensitive nature of capitalizing on bloodshed for political gain, this stance has continued to lose popularity, with gun sales reached all time highs when the preemptive coronation of Hillary Clinton seemed imminent.

While the attack was still designated as active, Senator Kaine succumbed to ideological temptation, making assumptions (we all know what they say about people who assume) before any official conclusion was drawn by law enforcement. Very much in line with President Obama's standard approach of jumping the gun (honestly no pun intended) on the countless police shootings under his terms in office, Tim got a little ahead of the story and facts on his Twitter feed. The Junior Senator from Virginia tweeted the following at 8:52 a. m. on the morning of the attack, based purely on speculations that the lone set of shots fired belonged to the attacker:

Truck + Knife = Gun Violence
Truck + Knife = Gun Violence | Source

Let the Interrupting Unfold


Most Americans will admit that there exposure to the Senator is limited to his snarky smirks and condescending interruptions during the VP debate.The additional limelight Senator Kaine is currently experiencing, following the temporary pairing with Hillary Clinton, also takes a toll on his ability to effortlessly evade responsibility for poorly placed posts. This rushed inference to politicize the event and promote his stance on gun control has left him backpedaling and correcting the initial tweet (found here). Senator Kaine dubbed the attack as a, "senseless act of gun violence," in spite of a car and knife being the attacker's weapons of choice that injured eleven innocents.

Although initial reports hinted at an active gunman, the only shots fired were that of Ohio State Trooper Alan Horujko, who heroically halted further barbarism. According to Ohio Police, the attacker has been identified as Abdul Razak Ali Artan, a Somali-born student, who plowed his vehicle into a crowd of classmates and then proceeded to stab those fleeing with a large knife. Senator Kaine's incorrect analysis and attempts to tout the party's gun narrative rightfully received tremendous backlash and criticism in return (Check out the comments), landing him this week's loser designation.

This is certainly not the first time the Senator has made controversial tweets, nor do I suspect that it will be the last... Let's pivot to this now infamous post, which I thank Tim Kaine for. Look at how this little imprint in time provides a historic record of the hypocrisy displayed during the 2016 election:

See the linked Facebook post below
See the linked Facebook post below | Source

In what now seems like divine-level irony, a cluster of Clinton supporters initially backed Jill Stein's effort (cash grab for the latter?) to challenge the legitimacy of the 2016 election, wanting a recount in three key battleground states. Focusing on Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, neither Clinton surrogates or Stein have provided even the slightest bit of evidence to question the system's integrity, other than not agreeing with the outcome. Look no further than Senator Kaine's twitter for the duplicity now on full display by the left. Highlighted and framed so perfectly by this tweet, I suppose we should welcome Kaine's reminder of the countless calls from the Clinton Campaign, Democrats, majority of media outlets, and establishment politicians for Donald Trump to blindly accept the final vote count.

If you require a more detailed explanation and clarification from Senator Kaine (and were wondering where that link in his tweet took you), then look no further than a full explanation on preserving the integrity of our electoral system on his very own Facebook.


Allowing ideology and party loyalties to transcend integrity, Senator Tim Kaine, you are the big loser this week. Hopefully you have at least learned some humility in these failed attempts at playing politics with other peoples' tragedies (I for one will not be holding my breath).

Runners up (in no particular order):

  • Colin Kaepernick for his Fidel Castro debacle
  • The White House for focusing on the discrimination of Islam over the Ohio State victims
  • Speaking of Castro, how about the liberals in the media that praised and romanticized the late brutal dictator (The American Cuban community tends to hold a differing opinion).


What runner up has your vote?

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