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Welcome, OBAMA.

Updated on July 26, 2015

Your Visit Has Been Worthwhile.

History was made by two powerful and similar leaders yesterday, President Barack Obama of the United States and President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya, with the two coming from two extremes.

One from the most industrialized country in the world, and the other from Africa, a progressive nation, born from colonialism through blood, sweat and difficulties, but struggling to survive in a more modern world.

Their News Conference was unique, as its kind has never happened before or would ever happen again; as two young men, both in their fifties, would meet to discuss several issues that confronted the modern world and to show the determination to find proper solutions for them.

They exchanged ideas that concerned the world at large, such as fighting terrorism that has consumed precious time, money and lives around the world, and continued to destabilize Africa and the Middle East.

The fascination of the meeting was the fact that both men were black; Obama, an African American, but who was "mixed" by parentage of a black father and a Caucasian mother; and Kenyatta, an indigenous black African, well versed in the Western culture,with a strong British background.

His father was the renowned fighter for freedom in his country, Jomo Kenyatta, who became Kenya's first president, after the country emerged from colonialism and opted for a Democratic constitution and government.

The two men were of famed families, whose respective legacies would go down in world history to enhance their countries' reputation and endurance for peace and equality for all human beings, no matter where they lived.

Their personalities overwhelmed the News Conference itself, as it traversed and transcended the knowledge that two people, who wielded so much power, would also have the tenacity and willingness to bring their countries together to consider to improve the quality of life of one another's people for the benefit of all humanity.

To many around the world, the visit of Obama to his father's home country to meet with Kenyatta was not about supplying sophisticated military weapons to Kenya; though,terrorism that needed to be severely dealt with was mentioned. They met to make the lives of ordinary citizens better; and that was vividly the focus of Obama's visit to Kenya; and for that matter, to Africa..




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