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Welcome to the Real World

Updated on July 15, 2009

 Welcome to the Real World!  Said Morpheus to Neo in the Matrix (1999). Well, now there's a real case, the whole world is in the charge of couple of people. Everyone has been fooled by the real order of the world. If you want to seek the truth like Neo, please follow me.

Welcome to the Real World
Welcome to the Real World

Few Questions to Answer

  • Who is the most powerful man of the world?
  • Why USA is the solo Superpower of the world?
  • Why Africa is still that poor?
  • Is there anyone that benefit from this Global Economic Crisis?
  • Why Economic Crisis Happens?

Too difficult to answer? You can get all the answers in this hub. Unfortunately, it's so big a topic that I probably have to write couple of separate hubs together to get the truth revealed to you. I'm happy that you will definitely like it.

Welcome to the Real World!


Mr Obama, the US President
Mr Obama, the US President
Bill Gates, the Top Richest
Bill Gates, the Top Richest
Warren Buffett, the Top Richest
Warren Buffett, the Top Richest
Federal Reserve System. The Only Powerful Place
Federal Reserve System. The Only Powerful Place

Who is the Most Powerful Man?

No! They are not, not even close!

  • Isn't Mr. Obama in charge of the Most Powerful Country of the planet?

Yes, but he only has the nominal title.

  • Isn't Bill Gates or his friend Warren Buffett the richest guy?

Yes, they are the richest on the press. But could 60 billion dollars make them the richest on the planet? Have you seen a guy owning 1000 billion dollars or more?

No, you didn't? Fine, that doesn't mean that kinda guy doesn't exist at all.

  • Who is the Richest & Powerful Guy?

Ones that take control of the US Federal Reserve System.

  • Why Federal Reserve System?

Who is the richest? Not Bill nor Warren, it should be the one that hold the paper money printer, which is the US Federal Reserve System.

  • Isn't Feds under the control of US Government or US Congress?

No, absolutely not. Shocked?

Learn who's behind all this and why.

USA, the solo Superpower
USA, the solo Superpower

Why USA becomes USA?

Update tomorrow


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    • wARtist profile image

      wARtist 8 years ago from China

      To Panda Man, I understand how you feel and why you say that. No matter. It's the most important subject I am working on, for about half a year by now. I am now collecting proofs to support my point of view. Thank your for your remind. You're nice.

    • Pamda Man profile image

      Pamda Man 8 years ago from Pandaland

      You do know that you are writing very subjectively and this will arise many arguments, right? Please modify your wording. It will be appreciated.