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Welfare Explained

Updated on March 17, 2018

Welfare was introduced to the Amercian Public and presented as a means out of poverty. The idea was to raise taxes on the rich and put the money into a lock box for the poor.

This idea sounded great but (as governments do) the politicians couldnt help but dip into the money and place IOU's in the account so they could do even more in the name of the poor.

Fast forward a few more years and they did the same thing with our Social Security which was created to ensure that retirees could retire and be reassured they would have a steady monthly income.
What has happened to that over the years? Well, ...politicans have whored out the fund for Social Security. They figured out early on that they could get votes and stay in power by making more and more promises on Social Security. It got to the point that it was no longer just a retirement fund, now it funds children with deceased parents. Over time the politcians have handed over the money to anyone who wasnt disciplined as a child and now claims to have bi-polar disorder.

To stay in power, politicians on both sides have handed out the retirement money to so many people for so many reasons its no longer fiscally viable. The food program was good at first but like any other freebie, it gets contagious to the point that more and more people figure out they can do less (ie working) and get the same stuff....or ARE they?

Since its introduction half a century ago, the poor are still poor and in larger numbers than since social programs hit the mainstream.

In order to stay in the income range to receive government handouts, you are discouraged from working or succeeding at work should you try it. If you earn a penny more than they tell you to, you get your benefits cut in half so its just not worth it. This has shaped a new mindset among people who need a hand up but due to the way the program works, they end up wanting a handout because it makes no sense to work 10 extra hours per week to get your monthly budget cut in half.

To add insult to injury, those hooked on the welfare programs and need housing assistance are required to live in "certain" neighborhoods that are usually miles away from where the politicians live. If the good ole boys fighting for you really want you and your family safe and fed, why not move you and the family to their part of town?

Bingo! With welfare the politicans get a two for one deal. They get to keep your vote coming whether you know the issues or not....and in return they keep you from living within MILES of their neighborhood. In order to stay on the programs, people needing a hand up are dodging bullets during birthday parties. The politicans dont care. All of this is happening far from their dining room and they figure its best to let them kill each other.

Changing the mindset of people who are sadly trapped in this scam is not going to be an easy task for anyone who tries it. They will be labled racist, uncaring and an all around scumbag.

Its become a lifestyle they are used to and its really sad. Nobody should have to bury a chlid because they played in their front yard after school but thats what these neighborhoods have turned into.

There is literally no hope in these areas and they turn to crime to fill the void. Once crime gets intolerable the local busisnesses move out which starves the city government of money which in turn leads to under staffed police presence and deterioration of the city. One only has to look at Detriot to see proof of this.

Even sadder....someone ...someday will be forced to shut down these programs when those who fund it will no longer pay for it. You see, the government doesnt earn money. It gets its money by taking it from others. When those who work 40 to 100 hours per week stop forking it over, or a sucessful bid to reform the tax code happens, you are going to have a lot of VERY unhappy people who feel betrayed by a system that has raised them since birth....literally....since birth.

The problem with socialism is....eventually you run out of other peoples money.

My solution to this problem? Start by changing how the housing programs work so that government housing is built NEXT DOOR to the politicians. If they love the poor so much, if they really feel their pain as much as they say they do, then they should look forward to an opportunity to sample some lemonade from the stand of a constituent's child, they should look forward to a neighorhood gathering with all of those people who keep them in office.

Think they will do it? I'm not holding my breath!

The final solution has to come from you. You cannot be angry at people stuck in this mess. You should be angry at the ones who put them there. When enough people get together to change it, it will change but a problem this long in the making will require patience on both sides to solve.


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