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Welfare Fraud

Updated on May 22, 2012

Welfare Fraud

Welfare fraud is a major problem in this country costing taxpayers billions. There are several ways in which this system, intended to give families a running start, is cheated. Using aliased, not reporting all income, claiming non-existent children and lying about ones ability to work are the main ways this fraud is perpetrated.

Using aliases is one of the most profound ways of beating the welfare system. There have been cases of people using over 30 false identities to collect money from the government. With each alias a post office box is set up to collect the funds, out of your pocket into theirs.

In many cases of welfare fraud all income is simply not reported. The welfare recipient feels they are entitled the same opportunity to increase their self worth by lying as someone who plays fairly. Welfare was not created to allow someone to get ahead only to allow them to eat. By law all income should be reported, including gifts and items sold.

A very common way the system is cheated is by lying about the ability to work. The beneficiary will fein an illness or physical ailment all the while working for others and collecting money under the table, once again feeling entitled to steal your money.

Reporting extra dependents by creating identities of children is a very provocative way in which to defraud the welfare system. It is amazing how this technique can go undetected but it does happen.

Millions of Americans work hard everyday to get ahead, often logging hours in excess of 40 per week. Other who don't work seldom work at all. Who do you see in the grocery store with 2 shopping carts? Who do you see using coupons to save hard earned money? Who do you see buying convenience food instead of taking the time to cook? The wrong people are making the sacrifices in this country. It is time to take a stand. We must report this fraud.

Food stamp fraud 1-800-424-9121

medicaid fraud 1-877-873-7283

SSI fraud 1-800-269-0271


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